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Romania: day 3


Laura is getting better, and even had a full spoon of the antibiotics without spitting it all back on us or throwing up.

We went to a salt cave in Turda, not too far from Cluj-Napoca. In the beginning Laura didn’t want to go but in the end she enjoyed the place. Salt caves are used in Romania as treatment for bronquitis, asthma and other stuff and the one in Turda is a big one – it has been recently modernised (as recent as 2005 can be, but we are talking about a salt mine that has been in use since 1075) and has a big entertaining area, including slides for small children, bowling for kids, mini golf, table tennis, a couple of tables of pool, a small Ferris wheel (wasn’t working when we were there), a small area for concerts and a tiny lake where people can row their own little boats. And, of course, the treatment rooms.

After the cave we had lunch in a restaurant on the road, which reminded me of my childhood times, when I lived 200 km north of Rio de Janeiro city and we used to spend weekends and holidays in Rio. We always ate at the same restaurant and had the same dish. Until millions of new and better resaurants opened.

After lunch we went back to Cluj and took Laura to a park, which she has been asking since she woke up in the morning. Unfortunately I forgot to that the camera (and the mobile) and have no registration of this square and park we went – a shame, because the place is quite beautiful and the light was great for some photos.

Anyhoo, I’ll leave you with some photos taken on my phone and will post more informative/complete posts at some point. Tomorrow we are heading to Sovata, our base for a week.

The photos below are pretty bad because it was dark, I didn’t use flash and I was scared to drop the phone. They were taken while we were waiting for the (panoramic) lift to the bottom of the cave. You can vaguely see the theatre, the ferris wheel (but only if you know what to look for) and the bridge where we queue for the lift and to look around. Opposite to where we stood, were the stairs for the brave and fit.
20130825-213724.jpgPhoto above: See the road there? I saw a woman pushing a baby on the puhchair all the way up. It has NO sidewalks!! It had no house/hotel/village around the corner. I promise you: it was a long and winding road.