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My home decor: the girls’ room


I gave up on Laura’s room ages ago, because to be honest, she didn’t use to spend too much time there. Her toys and the “play area” are in the living room, so I preferred not to spend too much energy there.

I didn’t want a visually exciting room, because I want her to sleep, not to play, at night. I know some people defend that kids should play when they want and go to bed when they want. Fine by me, as long as they are not my kids. I explain: my daughter doesn’t play on her own for long, she requires our presence. And although I admire these mums that are 100% available whist their children are awake, I cannot do a 6am to 10pm(*) shift, sorry. I have tons of other things to do (like writing this post, for example), which are done when the girls are asleep.

(*) If the girls are ill or have a nightmare, I am more than happy to will spend the whole night up to stay with them, I’m just not up to having this as a routine, just because they want to play.

Having said that, I am on a mission to re-arrange their rooms without changing much of the furniture. Here is the challenge:

1) Huge wardrobes. Not a chance in the world I can get rid of them (we need it as I store lots of things that are not Laura’s) and not a chance to put the somewhere else (too big, too heavy, too difficult break down and assemble). We are not even changing places in the bedroom.

2) Changing table. At the moment, we are using it for toys and nappies/wipes, but we change Bea in my bedroom. No doubt this table will go, but when? The space behind the door is a dead space anyway, there’s not much that can fit in there, plus even the table is stopping the door to fully open, so I might leave the space empty.

Huge wardrobes and the changing table

Huge wardrobes and the changing table

3) Chest of drawers. I would like to put it in my bedroom (because it is bigger than mine), but it doesn’t fit! Not to mention that now with two, it is full. The stickers will all go.

4) Rocking chair. This has been so useful with Laura – only recently we stopped reading stories for her on the chair. I haven’t had the chance to use it much with Bea because of the whole logistic of bedtime. I thought about putting it in our bedroom whilst Bea is sleeping there, but we don’t have much space in there, and Bea will move to Laura’s bedroom in November (if not before).

5) Shelves? Frames? I want everything, but first I need to decide what goes where. Also, our last experience putting up shelves traumatised me, so I need to forget about it before I try again. These photos of us with Laura were very useful when Laura was small. She used to wake up in the morning and look at the pictures, chat with “us”, and we got an hour or so of sleep. So they will be replaced by photos of all of us. Big ones. And more than 2.


Chest of drawer, rocking chair and pictures

6) Beds. The cot-bed Laura sleeps in at the moment will soon be Bea’s. My dilemma: 1) get Laura a cheap junior bed now and the two will have their own beds for a couple of years and then get them a bunk bed (I cannot do this now because I’m scared Laura might fall and Bea is too small for a raised bed); or 2) invest in a good bed to last for many years and in 3 years time I replace Bea’s cot-bed with another good bed and end up with two beds in the bedroom?

We went to Ikea a couple of weeks ago and Laura loved the Kura bed (photo below). I think it’s quite ugly (it looks better in the photo), but it fits the purpose of getting a cheap bed until we find out what to do. The question is: does it fit in the bedroom? Oh, it costs £120, which for me is NOT cheap, but the beds I was looking at (especially bunk beds) were £500+. So, if we go with the expensive option, it will be a bed for life, until they go to uni.

7) Reading corner. This is the only “play area” I like having in the bedroom, because it is part of Laura’s bedtime routine. She doesn’t sleep until we read her a story. And she likes reading books during the day as well (and so do I). The book shelf will not do, I like it too much. It’s now a matter of where it will go. Me thinks: cushions on the floor (under the Ikea’s bed, photo below?)


Cotbed (the swing doesn’t belong there, but it was one of these things that we just forgot about it)

Ikea's Kura Reversible bed: the cheap solution

Ikea’s Kura Reversible bed: the cheap solution

A fun solution that won't break the bank

A fun solution that won’t break the bank

Same bed, but "upside down"

Same bed, but “upside down”

Reading corner

Reading corner

8) Blackout/blinds. I want to remove the wooden one, I don’t like the black one. The black one has to stay otherwise Laura will go to bed at 11pm and wake up at 4am in summer (just the wooden one didn’t work – it was in the house when we moved in and we kept because it added extra darkness to the room).

9) Curtains. Another controversial topic in the house. Husband and I cannot agree on it, except that we don’t want to spend a small fortune on made to measure curtains. Because the window is big, bespoke curtains are quite expensive (minimum of £300, with quotes going up to £700!!). Hubby won’t let curtains covering the radiator, so they need to be either short length or mere decoration (like the ones up now, too small in my opinion)

Curtains, blackouts

Curtains, blackouts

10) Theme / accent colours. The theme was originally animals and Laura likes it. If I ask her now, she will say “Princess” and, although it is HER bedroom, I’m against pink and princesses. Judge me if you may, I don’t care. My options: all white with green/yellow as accent colours, Red/grey, blue/red/white as the union jack flag (huahuahuahua), all white with various bright colours here and there. I still have to work on that. Ah, the border will go. The stickers on the wardrobe will go eventually, except the height chart.

Budget: TBC (I want to spend as little as possible and the only furniture to be bought will be the bed, whichever it will be). Deadline: December.