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My very first (UK) hen do


Last month I went to my very first hen do in the UK. I got married here, but I didn’t have one. My friend L (Bea’s Godmother) is getting married end of July and a group of girls went to Oxford to have a girls only weekend. It was Beatrice’s birthday and my first time away from her. Should I feel guilty for sleeping so well on a king size bed only for me? If I should, let me know now and I will pretend I am.

The theme of the weekend was Alice in Wonderland. It started with an afternoon tea on a boat cruise in the Thames river, following the route taken by Lewis Carrol in 1862, when he conceived the adventures of Alice. The cruise took about two hours and we passed by stunning locations, but we were too busy drinking tea (and coffee and bubblies), chatting and playing games to pay much attention. We went to a pub afterwards and in the evening we head off to a comedy club. In between, L had to do all sort of things and take photos and I must say that I was impressed that she took everything in such good spirits. I don’t think I would have done half of what she did. After the comedy show, half of us (mostly the Brazilians) went back to the hotel, while the other half (mostly the British) stayed another couple of hours, drinking and dancing. I was very tired and sleepy and by breasts were exploding (still breastfeeding, remember?) and I was so looking forward a great night of sleep… I knew L would understand. hehe

It was a lovely weekend, with great girls, fun activities and laughter. I had forgotten how a comedy show can be a great evening programme (as an alternative to night clubs or pubs), I should do this more often.










It had happened before. We are so lame. How can we forget these things?

So, on the 10th of April, when Beatrice turned 11 months old (and I wrote a post about it), Mr. C and I were also celebrating 4 years of marriage. Well, we were meant to celebrate, but we completely forgot about it.

Hmm. Part of me feels a bit guilty for not paying attention to these things. I mean, I can blame the busy life of a mother of two, blah-di-blah, but I think we forgot about the date in the last 3 years? But part of me doesn’t care that much, because we don’t usually celebrate dates in general and it doesn’t mean that we don’t care (about the people, the event). It’s just a date. Isn’t it?


We CANNOT forget the dates in 2015 though. 5 years of marriage in April and 10 years of “togetherness” in October. Big numbers require big celebrations. If we remember.

The big day! 10/04/2010

The big day! 10/04/2010

Laura was there (she was born 1 month and 12 days later)

Laura was there (she was born 1 month and 12 days later)

52 Objects: week 37


Sometimes I struggle to find an object for this project, but I can’t believe that this one hasn’t been included yet!

What is it? My wedding ring

Where does it come from? We got it online, after we had our fingers measured at a shop.

Why was it chosen? because despite not making a big deal out of the actual wedding, I really like wearing this ring. There is absolutely nothing “special” about it – we didn’t even engrave our names yet – but it represents a new phase in our lives.

What else? nothing, just that. 🙂


Please excuse my dried and wrinkled hands – they weren’t like that a year ago…


Photo of my bouquet and our wedding rings, on our wedding day

On marriage, things you shouldn’t do when you are pregnant and needing a new vacuum cleaner


This year I didn’t forget our wedding anniversary, phew! This is a man’s thing, isn’t it? To forget birthdays, special days… I don’t mind Mr. C forgetting dates; when I want him to remember something, I tell him about it. Why bother getting stressed about it, isn’t it?

The “big” day was yesterday, 10th April. Three years ago we were exchanging rings, signing papers and becoming Mr. and Mrs…. oh, wait, we didn’t change our names. But I went from Miss to Mrs.The wedding was quite fun, despite being everything but romantic. We were already living together, bought a house and were expecting Laura in a bit more than a month from the wedding day. Not being married didn’t bothered me, but I like being married. Organising everything in two weeks was fun, finding a (white-ish) dress that would fit the bump – and was inexpensive as well, ordering flowers from the lady across the street, borrowing stuff from friends, finding something blue (something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue), crossing the city to get the hair and nails done… All simple, affordable, cute and fun – couldn’t be more Mr. C and I.

Why not celebrate then? Because we never celebrated the date. Firstly because we normally celebrate our first date, in October. Secondly because for some reason April seems to be always a big rush in our lives. Last year we were taking Laura from the nursery she was in, my mother in law was over to look after her and as usual we didn’t take advantage of our family around to go out just the two of us. Anyhoo, I’m not complaining. We are the type of couple that celebrates things by simply living our normal lives. Ha, profound.

On the 10th I was meant to meet some girl friends for dinner and chat. So instead of celebrating with hubby, I was going to have a girlie night, uhuu! But then, the preggie here, late to work, decides to run to catch the train that was just getting to the platform. Honestly, I’ve done this several times, I run out of breath, but I’m normally fine. I caught the train, hurray, sat down, caught my breath, but as soon as I tried to leave the train, I couldn’t walk! The pain was abnormal. It took me 30 minutes to go from the station to work, when it should take me 10 minutes. Loads of people stopped to ask if I was ok. The pain was on the right side, between by leg and tummy. It was so bad that I was using my chair as a a wheel chair and the guys at work were so worried that they got me a taxi home. Of course our girlie night had to be cancelled because I wasn’t able to get to the restaurant. Sad, isn’t it? So, pregnant ladies out there, a train is just a train – unless you are ubber fit to run a marathon 8 months pregnant, don’t bother running to catch a train to work, especially when you are less than 3 weeks to go on maternity leave. I’m much better today, but it still hurts.

It’s not like pregnant women are fragile and should be in a bubble for 9 months. It’s just that the body is not as agile as before, the muscles pull more easily and there’s a huge belly on the way. Even ordinary tasks can be really hard to accomplish, like vacuum cleaning the house. Our vacuum cleaner isn’t working as well as it should. It drive me nuts how disposable these electrical equipments are these days; I can’t find even the bags for our VC!! I have to buy from specialist websites, a generic one. So I have been looking for a new one, something not too big (some VCs are my size!), easy to use, not overly expensive and powerful. Something that will do the work for me and not give me back pain. With two kids, I will need speed and power to finish the housework during their nap time. But I just don’t seem to find anything that fits the bill out there.

P.S.: I have a cleaner and she normally does the vacuum cleaning here. But as with all cleaners in this country, the cleaning is not good enough for me (especially because she spends only two hours here), so I’m planning to do the job myself while on maternity leave. Wish me luck!

Another ordinary Friday


I love the number 22. In Brazil it’s said that it’s the number for the crazy because in our Constitution, the paragraph that talks about the rights of the mentally ill people is paragraph 22. Nevermind.

Today Laura’s mum is %$ years and 4 months old, Laura is 5 months old (22 weeks tomorrow) and little Nick (Laura’s potential “Australian” boyfriend – she her mum has applied for the post) is one month old. 🙂

Here is a little snapshop of what 5 months drinking milk can do to your face:

5 months today - 22.10.2010, 3.20pm

Mind you: she is a small baby. A small baby with a very round face. She is almost 7 kg, and I bet that half of it are in her cheeks.

Baby Laura is getting ready (ok, she doesn’t even know what’s coming on her way) for her second long trip – the trips to Chiswick don’t count! California, here we go!!

We are I am seeing this trip as the honeymoon that we didn’t have (for obvious reasons, but if you don’t remember: I was 8 months pregnant when we got married). I was promised – and I’m putting this in writing and to the public so I can remind my other half of his promise – to have one honeymoon every year. Let the sky be my witness!

We have one week to explore California, as Mr. C will be working for 2 weeks and I’ll have to explore the malls area on my own. There’s a beach where we are staying, so I’m hoping to introduce Mini-Me to the joys of breathing the salty air of the seaside. I’ve lived by the beach for 3/4 of my life and this is THE thing I miss the most.

Hit the road, baby!

This morning I went to the post to collect a parcel and to my surprise it was a gift from my friend Ruth.  A notebook. Not a simple notebook though. A handmade yellow italian leather notebook. A journal to keep my notes and thoughts to baby Laura, when she can read that is. And understand. And appreciate it. Until then, it will be guarded by her very protective mother.

Little Yellow Book of Thoughts

Why two of these photos have Laura’s gym mat as a background?

Well, we are in the relaxation room, my “office”. Hiding. From nobody. From the rest of the house. We’re taking this gym mat with us, so don’t be surprised with you see it in some pictures of our trip.

Other than that, what else is going on?

* This weekend, friend Lillywhites is finally moving to her nest of love with her Mr. Wonderful. We will be there on Saturday to help with the boxes and also take a peek in the new house (because I looooooove peeking at houses!). I bet all my desire to decorate our house will come back as soon as I see their home.

* Friend Mari is just a few weeks away from being Vicky’s mum. Although Mari is having a hard time with the huge belly, I was hoping that Vicky would delay a few days until we are back, so we could see her very tiny. If she decides to come on time, because she is British after all, it’s ok, we will be here for her second week of life. Laura can’t wait to meet her little cousin. Auntie Chris can’t wait to hold a tiny wobbly baby in her arms again. I bet I’m going to be broody as soon as I see her.

* I’ll miss the Brazilian elections again. Between you and me, I’m glad I will, because I don’t have a candidate and I can’t really vote for the “less worse one”. And I hate the fact that voting in Brazil is compulsory. Last elections I missed it because I was here, and now that I changed my electoral address to the UK, I bet that I’ll miss every single election from now on.

* The cleaner came today. No matter how bad the cleaning here is and how quick it takes us to make it a mess again, I’m always so happy when the house is cleaned! Now all I need is a full time baby sitter, a beauty saloon, loose weight and win the lottery to be the happiest person on Earth. I bet that I’ll want more as soon as I get all these things.

* Life freeze until next year. It doesn’t mean that I won’t have anything to do. I do have and lots of things, that’s why life will freeze. I want to focus on the little one’s development and, especially, the weaning process. I want to be 100% focussed on her during the last 2 months of the year.

Ok, big post, probably the last until we are back or until I find out if the hotel has (free) internet connection available.

Sunday wasn’t too bad either


Weather-wise, today was almost as great as yesterday. But no barbecue today – we have too much food in the fridge.

We went shopping – mum wanted to buy some stuff to take home – and Baby L was really well behaved.

We’ve been trying to sort out loads of things in the house, which has been quite stressful, so Mr C. and I haven’t had much time together just to chat and relax and laugh. He is traveling tomorrow very early in the morning and comes back on Tuesday evening. Mum is sick for almost a week now.

I’m exhausted. I feel exhausted. So today I decided to have some me-time and have a very long shower (nevermind the water wastage), using almost all cosmetic products I have and haven’t had the opportunity to use in the last couple of months. It was great but I was punished by little L for my absence – she fed for 55 minutes non-stop. Quite tiring – and although she stopped at some point, she didn’t seem quite satisfied and had a bit more an hour later. Poor thing is extermely sleep but can’t sleep – that’s really heartbreaking: I know what it is to be sleep and not be able to sleep.

In the meantime, Spain is driving this household nuts!