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Getting ready to go to bed (I’m traumatised because Laura woke up at 7am today and didn’t want to go back to sleep, despite being so sleepy), but here are some quick updates.

The template problem is sorted – thanks, Lelei, to offer help. I’m trying to learn how this thing works so it’s kind of an exercise too. I have to say that things are less complicated now. And I’m working on my new header. A new header altogether, as I changed my mind about the idea I was working on a couple of times.

Laura went for her first swimming lesson today. It was really good and I had loads of fun. She was quite happy in the water, but towards the end of the 30 minute lesson, she was getting cold and uncomfortable and wasn’t enjoying it anymore. So the lesson would have been perfect if it was 10 minutes shorter. And she was so tired by the end of it that she slept 1h30 when she got home, then another 30 minutes around 5pm, then had a bath when daddy arrived and by 20h30 she was fast asleep. She was so tired that she didn’t complain when I put her in her bed still half-awake!!! It’s a miracle, my friends. Mr. C and I even joked (joked?? hmmm) that we will take her swimming EVERYDAY. Plus, there were some nice moms there and it might be a nice weekly thing to do. Now mommy needs to sort out some activities for her as well.

Mr. C’s Xmas present is on its way, finally! I got hubby a Xbox + kinnect. I hope I won’t loose my husband for the videogames, but I’m also planning to use it a bit, with those exercise games. I hope they are at least fun, because I think it’s very weird to exercise in front of the TV. Not to mention that I’m not a videogame person.

I had more to say, but I totally forgot what I was going to write. Oh, well, bedtime anyway.




Messing up the template of the blog again. I’ve updated the template by mistake and now I’m having problems going back to what it was. Ok, one day I will be able to create my very own template without having to use existing ones, but for the time being, I’ll have to work with what’s available. But I don’t have time to sort this out now, it’s 23h30 and little one has just gone to sleep – and as you know, we have to make the most of her sleep, because she might decide to wake up in a couple of hours and not go back to sleep at all.

So bare with me and I’ll sort this out one day.