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January blues


They say that here in the North Hemisphere (or the UK? Or countries way too close to the north pole?) January is the gloomiest day of the year. It’s dark, cold, its days are short. People have no or little money after the holidays, they are not really refreshed from the break as it’s not really a break (from work, from school, yes, but not necessarily housework and surely not from family “work”).

So here we are, 13 days into January, another 18 days to go.

This is how my station is at 7.30am, just now:
Unfortunately the photo doesn’t show the rain that is pouring right now. Proper rain, no messing about.

If it’s a given that most of us are very sad in January, it’s also a given that sleep deprived mothers are a bit unstable moody.

Until yesterday, I was completely exhausted, had lost all my faith in 2015 (already!), was feeling miserable about myself, and all that jazz. Today I woke up different. Still tired thanks to a headache that follows me every day since 2014. Not a single headache free in January so far. Despite the ache, I woke up different. I couldn’t get straight away what it was; all seemed the same (I could hear the rain outside). I looked around and I got it,

I had woken up with the alarm clock. Not a child calling me. In fact, no child called me the entire night. Not once. How I know that? I’m a light sleeper thanks to the evening calls; and I was waiting. I waited so long that I actually fell asleep. And then the alarm called me.

And all my faith in 2015 has been restored.