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TV and kids: Curious George


I’m not going to lie: my daughter watches way more TV than we would like her to. Sorry.

We limit the channels to CBeebies and Disney Junior, as these are the only two without commercials, and most of the times we record her favourite shows and this is what she watches.

One of her favourite shows at the moment is Curious George. I confess that this is also one of MY favourite TV shows (well, I can’t watch Criminal Minds anymore, can I?). We watch the old version, not the new CGI one. I don’t even know if the new episodes are CGI or if it’s just the feature films that are CGI.

There are episodes on You Tube if you want to have a look, but in a nutshell, George is a monkey, very curious like a child. Because of his curiosity, he ends up making a huge mess which always ends up well. George is a “city” monkey – I think the place is meant to be New York? – and he has an owner – the Man with the Yellow hat, who is the most patient person in the word.

The man with the yellow hat doesn’t have a name (in the CGI version, he has and it’s Ted), he is single and he looks after George as if he is his son. Intelligent  but clumsy, single father, patience, owns a flat in Manhattan and a house in the countryside… a great candidate for a husband, isn’t it? 😛

Anyway, I love to watch it with Laura – she loves it so much that sometimes she let’s the best laughters out with some funny thing that George does. And I’m the same, I’m always laughing with her. We never got her a book, but I’m going to look for the originals to see what she thinks about them (she loves books, she loves Curious George, so I guess it’s a win win situation).

Curious George is based on books by Margret Rey and H. A. Rey and was first publishing in 1941.

If you are not against TV for kids, I highly recommend Curious George.

Cover of one of the books

Cover of one of the books

(This is NOT a paid post)



Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


The week is over, thankgoodness!

So, let’s see: I missed 2 days of work and Mr. C another two, plus I left earlier another day. All because of Laura’s illness. She is on antibiotics since Tuesday and went to very quiet, sleepy and grumpy until Thursday to happy, chatty and active today. The power of Friday.

We had an amazing day today, by the way. And it wasone of those I wished I was a full time mum. But hey maybe I appreciated it more exactly because I’m not a full time mum.


Although Laura still has a strong cough, the fever has gone for the day. I hope for good.

We decided to take her out of the nursery. It’s a great one, but not very practical. We are currently studying other opportunities. Let’s see how it goes.




I’m quite excited abou spring this year. I normally love spring – love all the colors and life blooming in the streets. But for the first time, I’m growing colours and life in my house too. And I’m not talking about Laura.

My two orchids are blooming. One is more than 2 years old and it’s the first time it flowers since I first got it. I normally throw away orchids after the first flowers are gone, simply because I had no idea that they are still alive. I also got a couple of dafordils and one is already flowering. And there’s the secret santa gifts. I got to grow your own kits: a strawberry one (the little pot with tiny little plants growing) and sunflowers – unfortunately I don’t know where the sunflower seeds had gone, so I planted some old dead bulbs i bought ages ago and never bothered to plant. Surprise, surprise, one us growing!

So now you can see my little garden. They will soon move outdoors.

It’s late, I’m going to bed. Night nigh, you lot. Sleep tight, have beautiful dreams and an even more beautiful weekend.

TV show for kids


Little Laura is not a TV maniac like her dad, although every day I turn the TV on kids channels for her. In the end, I am the one watching them. Two of my “favourites” are:

Fireman Sam

What I really like about this cartoon is the accent of the characters. I used to think they are faking a funny Scottish accent but then I found out that they are from Wales (*). Nothing special with the plot, just Fireman Sam and his colleagues saving the day from the clumsy citizens of whatever town they live in.

Tinga Tinga Tales

I’ve never watched this one, just ads and trailers, but I love the look of it. If I knew about this programme before, I would have decorated Laura’s room with these characters and colours. Let’s see if she grows to like it and we can upgrade her room in a near future.

I watch other stuff, but usually I find everything a bit boring. Laura seems to like, from time to time, Waybuloo, but she only watches it for one minute.

(*) Speaking of accents, CBeebies (BBC for toddlers) has several programmes with regional and international accents. Rastamouse is quite funny – a bunch of Jamaican mice solving mysteries and crimes. It’s very caricatural.  The characters in Tinga Tinga Tales have African accents. Very educative.



Getting ready to go to bed (I’m traumatised because Laura woke up at 7am today and didn’t want to go back to sleep, despite being so sleepy), but here are some quick updates.

The template problem is sorted – thanks, Lelei, to offer help. I’m trying to learn how this thing works so it’s kind of an exercise too. I have to say that things are less complicated now. And I’m working on my new header. A new header altogether, as I changed my mind about the idea I was working on a couple of times.

Laura went for her first swimming lesson today. It was really good and I had loads of fun. She was quite happy in the water, but towards the end of the 30 minute lesson, she was getting cold and uncomfortable and wasn’t enjoying it anymore. So the lesson would have been perfect if it was 10 minutes shorter. And she was so tired by the end of it that she slept 1h30 when she got home, then another 30 minutes around 5pm, then had a bath when daddy arrived and by 20h30 she was fast asleep. She was so tired that she didn’t complain when I put her in her bed still half-awake!!! It’s a miracle, my friends. Mr. C and I even joked (joked?? hmmm) that we will take her swimming EVERYDAY. Plus, there were some nice moms there and it might be a nice weekly thing to do. Now mommy needs to sort out some activities for her as well.

Mr. C’s Xmas present is on its way, finally! I got hubby a Xbox + kinnect. I hope I won’t loose my husband for the videogames, but I’m also planning to use it a bit, with those exercise games. I hope they are at least fun, because I think it’s very weird to exercise in front of the TV. Not to mention that I’m not a videogame person.

I had more to say, but I totally forgot what I was going to write. Oh, well, bedtime anyway.

Adding more to the list


* Recently added Criminal Minds and CSI to my “Series I have the patience and interest to watch”. Mind you, I watch TV with the automatic pilot on, so I’m not really trying to figure out who did what or to guess the end. I’m just watching. Even though, I can’t watch anything and everything. I select the crap I watch.

* I had a couple of items included in my to do list that I didn’t really want to add. Pack and return a demaged item I bought on Amazon and pack and send my GPS that was recalled by Garmin. Simple tasks but also a pain, because I have other things more important and fun to do. The first one will be sorted by tomorrow, the second one only next week because I can’t drive without the GPS.

* I need to see some few people before I go to Brazil. Actually, one for sure. A colleague from work, who is leaving the company and going on holidays. My catch up list is increasing.

* My “me time” list is also increasing: manicure, hairdresser, doctor, dentist.

* Personal projects list is also big: sewing, exercising, loosing weight, start photo albums, redesign (whatever) the banner/look of this blog.



Oh, guess what? Mr. C and I managed to watch some films lately. When baby falls asleep at night, she goes all the way through – touch wood, this will keep on going – so we have a few hours of peace and quiet. During the week he tries to sleep “early” (if around midnight is early for you) because of work on the following day, but Friday and Saturday are the best days ever!

We saw 7 pounds with Will Smith the other day. Is it my impression or Will Smith is trying to win an Oscar? I’m not saying he has chances, but his choice of roles are all very dramatic and “intense”. Maybe because his comedy roles weren’t very successful… anyhoo. The film is not bad. Actually it is good (or am I saying that because of my hormones?), but it’s too “what a good guy I am”/”I’ve learned with my mistakes”. Not sure if I believe in these things anymore. Or if I ever believed in that.

I have to say that watching films at home has been extra special: it’s one of the rare couple only moments we have, the TV is quite big and the sofa quite comfy.