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Pets, to have or not to have them


Hubby has been trying to convince me to get a dog to the girls. And I am decided to stick with my decision of not having pets until they can look after it themselves. And by they I mean the three of them: the girls and hubby.

Before you think I’m a cruel soul that doesn’t like animals, let me clarify that I had my lifetime share of pets during my childhood – rabbits, dogs, parrots, monkeys, tortoises, turtles, hens and rooster, guinea pigs, white mice. I liked having pets, a lot, but never felt this unconditional love that many people feel. Part of me thinks that this lack of unconditional love was due to the fact that I hated to know they would die before me (and eventually they all did). I should know by now that this is the cycle of life (*pause for Lion King’s soundtrack here*), but in my mind it just feels like masochism to carry on with it. I can’t do any more death and I cannot deal with corpses. That simple.

There are a few other reasons why I am reluctant to have any pets:
– Normal people can go on a two week (or more) holiday and leave their pets with neighbours, hotels, carers. I don’t like the idea. If you ever had a dog in your life, you know how attached to their owners they are and the whole idea of leaving them makes me sad.
– On a similar note as above, we spend 12 hours out and about and the poor animal will be at home on its own (and will be needy when we come back and no one will sleep until very late). Not fair to the pet; not fair to me.

– Having a dog to me is almost like having a third child. Not on the unconditional love side, but on hard work side. They can get ill, they need attention, they eat your shoes (when they are babies), they bark at night, they pee and poo everywhere until they are potty trained. But they don’t talk, they never will and you will always be guessing what they are really feeling.

– I know that my little troop here will want to have all the fun and mummy will end up having to do the dirty job. I don’t want to have to clean poo, bathe, take for walks, miss work to take the pet to the vet… it might sound cruel, I know, but I rather be honest than to end up extremely grumpy doing things I don’t want to just because no one else will and then regret having the poor animal at home. And worse: giving the dog away because it’s too much work (now THAT is cruel).

– When I was younger (“so much younger than today”) I was extremely allergic to cats and dogs fur. As in spending days scratching my nose and sneezing non-stop and on medication to be able to sleep. Laura might have asthma/bronchitis. What if she is allergic as I was? It is worth putting her through this if we can avoid it?

– They will both go to a childminder that has a cute and friendly dog. They will spend more time with the childminder than at home. There, it’s almost like having their own dog, without worrying what the heck we do with it when we want to go on holidays.

=> Dogs are by far my favourite type of pet. I find rabbits cute but that’s about it, no other “use”. Hamsters give me the creep (giant mice). Cats are not welcome in this house (despite being Laura’s favourite). Fish… I consider them decoration, like a vase or a picture on the wall; and a very high maintenance decoration, since it involves feeding and clearing the tank (or maybe there are modern gadgets that auto feed and clean it for you. I have a feeling the girls would lose interest on a turtle quite quickly. And foxes and squirrels are illegal to have as pets I think (and apparently they are not very safe). And I find it cruel to have caged birds. So… Tamagoshi anyone?!


Sleep well, sleep lots


Sleep deprivation is not good for your health, but you know that, right?

So, the BBC website published an article with the results of a research showing how much damage one hour less sleep can cause to our bodies. People, I am LAZY for a reason! To sleep is good and helps us not only survive, but live a healthier life. In a nutshell, and a very rough summary, the research says that sleeping less than 7 hours/night can increase the activity of genes associated with diabetes and risk of cancer. And it is not ok to “compensate” later. You have to sleep well every single night.

Read the whole article here.

Our girls are giving us a hard time. When one sleeps through the night, the other will wake up several times. When one sleeps until 7:30am, the other one will wake up at 6am (sometimes 5:45am). Sometimes both wake up several times in the middle of the night and wake up at 6am. On top of that, we go to bed very late, after 11pm. It’s the time we try to catch up on TV, emails, friends and even on us… We are destroyed, and our brains are malfunctioning.

If you, my friend, don’t have kids and have the opportunity to sleep more than 7 hours, do so. It’s good for you. And it isn’t Miss Lazy telling you that.

It has a name…


You know when a friend post a link to something that leads you to something else and you click and click and end up finding an article that is of interest? This happened to me recently (5 minutes before starting this post, but because I don’t know when I will finish it and when it will be posted, this is irrelevant).

The article is called On Momotony and Sacred Work, by Glennon Melton. The article compares the work of a mother with the work of Monks. It’s a nice way to look at it. But this wasn’t what caught my attention, it was the term Momotony.

I have mixed feelings about housework. I love to see the house cleaned and when I set my mind to clean something, I spend hours and hours, because it is not just about cleaning, it’s also rearranging, organising, and finding ways to make it easier to clean and organise next time. BUT I am so paranoid with cleaning that I hate to use the room I just cleaned. This happens specially with the kitchen – once I asked hubby not to drink water so it wouldn’t mess up with my pretty work. That isn’t the point though, what I hate about housework is the repetition. The laundry for example: you put your clothes to wash on Saturday, the following Saturday the same clothes might need washing again, and again, and again. What’s the point? I find it extremely annoying this constant boring work that you barely see or enjoy the results.

Momotony is used to describe the repetitive work of a mom/mum, but you don’t have to be a mother to suffer of it – any housewife experience this. Maybe mothers might suffer more because kids are just so so so messy. Once I cleaned the living room 3 times in the morning and after lunch it was messier than the first time. It’s like kids improve their messy kills with time.

Routine is something quite monotonous, unfortunately it is necessary when you have kids. I’m not sure about you, but it didn’t make me feel any better to “think” about other mums on the same situation. I much rather be in a huge house with other mums and going through repetition with other mums, doing things together while having a bit of a chat. Like the monks, you know?

A happy moment a day


I had a tough weekend and today, Monday, wasn’t the lightest of the days either.

But instead of moan, I decided that this week, I will list one thing that made me happy on the day.

Today’s happy moment was to get home and find the house cleaned! I live when my cleaner comes and it just makes me feel over the moon!

There, there. I will sleep better tonight. ūüôā



Mondays are normally my bad mood day of the week, but after a few bad nights of sleep, it doesn’t really matter what day of the week you are on, right?

Can I say that the 2nd day of dummy free Laura wasn’t as good as hoped? I think she was too attached to her dummy and she is missing it slightly too much. I feel sorry for her, I really feel. All I want is to give up and let her have that stupid thing, What harm can it make? Slow her speech? She talks a lot and she can make herself clear when she wants to! Low her self-confidence? She seems to be pretty alright there. When is the right time to stop it? Is there a right time or is it something like potty training: wait until the kid is ready? I hate to think that I might be torturing her by removing one of the thins she loves the most in life. Unfortunately she doesn’t like cuddly toys, she couldn’t care less.

At the nursery they think we should just persist with it that eventually she will forget about it. I’m sure she will; I don’t know any adult that still sucks a dummy. But I know an adult that sucks her thumb, at the age of 21. The reason why we decided to go with it now is because we don’t want her to be dependent on the dummy when her baby sister arrives. And I didn’t want to take her dummy away around that time either – too much for her. I just hate to see her feeling so miserable as she is feeling in the morning and evenings. She didn’t sleep well at all, neither did we.


Baby 2 is moving a lot as I write this. I’m now off the scared mode (yes, I was scared of having a second one and freaking out, I think I mentioned it a million times) and started on the excited mode. I can’t wait to hold little baby 2 (who has no name yet) in my arms, that tiny little human being, that will be half of the size of her big sister. I can even picture her face, with the same big cheeks that Laura has, maybe the same dark hair, but very gentle and quiet, and happy and hungry, and just tiny. I love tiny babies.


So I decided not to buy any extra winter clothes to take to Romania. Not sure if it was very wise, but the thing is: I don’t have space for any big winter jackets that I will only wear for a week. In less than four days we will be on a plane to Cluj, where hubby hopes he will be able to ski a bit. And I’m hoping I won’t think about work at all for a a whole week. Note to self: take the camera and the charger and TAKE PHOTOS, lots of photos.


I have such a boring project at work that I can’t help but think that in three months time I’ll be at home. I also found out that a girl that just joined the company is leaving because the work wasn’t exactly what she expected. Isn’t it funny that in the past candidates had to be creative and pretend they had certain experiences that they hadn’t to get their dream job (sometimes just to get A job), but these days companies are creating a fake role that doesn’t really match the reality and when you actually get the job, you realise that they sold you the wrong product.

I know that in some cases it’s the employee that will shape the role, but I’m talking about something totally different here. I have a few examples myself, where I specifically asked if X was part of the job spec, I was told that “NO WAY!!! NEVER” and it ended up taking a big chunk of my daily work because “you know, things change”. Yeah, things change and I changed my mind about this job, goodbye. This colleague at work managed to get a new job, which is really great, but some people don’t have the same luck and have to stay at the “wrong” job until they find something better – or just different.


I decided I don’t need a new job: I need to learn something new. I need a hobby. I need something to empty my mind of all the problems of the world (especially my little world). I just need to start somewhere. And I’ll start by going out for lunch.

Just wanted to share…


… A couple of things that made me smile today.

One is a pencil made of recycled CD cases. How cool is that? Well, maybe it’s not new for the rest of the world, but I was pleasantly surprised when I read it. I use this pencil to hold my hair back at work.


The other is this afternoon’s sunset. Just amazing. The sunset here is something out of this world. You just want to cry. Check out my view at work (the photo doesn’t translate the real deal, but you get the picture):


Remember, remember the 5th November


This weekend is Bonfire Night. I can hear the fireworks and all, but I can’t be bothered to go out to watch it – too cold to be outside. I probably sound like a broken record, but the thing I miss the most being here is the warm weather – it is almost summer in Brazil right now and if I was there, I would definitely be outside.

Anyway, here is a quick summary of what it is about. Go to wikipedia if you want more details.

Guy Fawkes Night

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
“Fifth of November” redirects here. For the date, see¬†5 November.

Festivities in Windsor Castle by Paul Sandby, c. 1776

Guy Fawkes Night, also known as¬†Guy Fawkes Day,¬†Bonfire Night¬†and¬†Firework Night, is an annual commemoration observed on 5¬†November, primarily in¬†Great Britain. Its history begins with the events of 5¬†November 1605, when¬†Guy Fawkes, a member of the¬†Gunpowder Plot, was arrested while guarding explosives the plotters had placed beneath the¬†House of Lords. Celebrating the fact that¬†King James I¬†had survived the attempt on his life, people lit bonfires around London, and months later the introduction of the¬†Observance of 5th November Act¬†enforced an annual public day of thanksgiving for the plot’s failure.


Origins and history in England

An effigy of Guy Fawkes, burnt on 5 November 2010 at Billericayin Essex

Guy Fawkes Night originates from the¬†Gunpowder Plot¬†of 1605, a failed conspiracy by a group of provincial English¬†Catholics¬†to assassinate the¬†Protestant¬†KingJames I of England¬†and replace him with a Catholic head of state. In the immediate aftermath of the arrest of¬†Guy Fawkes, caught guarding a cache of explosives placed beneath the¬†House of Lords, James’s Council allowed the public to celebrate the king’s survival with bonfires, so long as they were “without any danger or disorder”,[1]¬†making 1605 the first year the plot’s failure was celebrated.[2]¬†Days before the surviving conspirators were executed, in January 1606 Parliament passed the¬†Observance of 5th November Act 1605, commonly known as the “Thanksgiving Act”. It was proposed by a Puritan Member of Parliament,¬†Edward Montagu, who suggested that the king’s apparent deliverance by divine intervention deserved some measure of official recognition, and kept 5¬†November free as a day of thanksgiving while in theory making attendance at Church mandatory.[3]¬†A new form of service was also added to the¬†Church of England‘s¬†Book of Common Prayer, for use on 5¬†November.[4]

Little is known about the earliest celebrations. In settlements such as Carlisle, Norwich and Nottingham, corporations provided music and artillery salutes.Canterbury celebrated 5 November 1607 with 106 pounds of gunpowder and 14 pounds of match, and three years later food and drink was provided for local dignitaries, as well as music, explosions and a parade by the local militia. Even less is known of how the occasion was first commemorated by the general public, although records indicate that in Protestant Dorchester a sermon was read, the church bells rung, and bonfires and fireworks lit.[5]