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Music & Me


I’m back to listening to music! Yes, the “10 Things… List” I posted one of these days encouraged me to bring back to listening to my old CDs. It was the easiest item of that list to do.

I decided to introduce my daughters to my musical world. Laura loves music and she is always singing songs she learns in the nursery or with us. She also creates her own lyrics, which is very sweet. Butbshe doesn’t seem too keen on my CDs. I guess I’ll have to brainswash her keep trying.

Great thing about Bea is that she doesn’t have much opinion yet, so I play whatever I want and rock her to sleep with the songs I like. I’m not going too wild – at the moment she was introduced to Jewel (husband also liked), Pearl Jam (the softies), The Cure, Fiona Apple, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix (vetoed by husband because it’s not quiet enough for bedtime), Nando Reis (Lili: I’ve been thinking quite a lot about you), Tribalistas and Ze Ramalho (the three last ones are Brazilian artists; I might write about them in the future).

The idea is to bring music back to the house, either as background noise (and reduce the TV) or as entertainment.

I don’t have many child-friendly CDs, so I’m not sure when/if I’ll introduce things like Rage Against the Machine, Helmet, soundgarden, etc, to the girls.

Playing while writing this post: Jewel, Pieces of You.


My favourite British bands and where they come from


One of the topics of our Sunday lunch was music. It reminded me that one of my favourite things about the UK is its music. Most of my favourite bands of all times are British. Here are some of the bands I grew up listening to. They are not in order of preference and the songs chosen are not necessarily my favourite:

Pink Floyd – I love the extremely lengthy songs, the lyrics, the music, the nonsense, the total sense, the drama. One of the bands I would love to have seen live. Funnily enough, Roger Waters solo doesn’t interest me as much. Pink Floyd was formed in London. Videoclip: Mother. Just because.

The Bolshoi – I only had one album, Friends, but it was always playing on our record player. I love every single song of this album, from 1986. They were also based in London (I don’t know why I thought they were from Leeds. hehe)

The Cure – when I was younger, so much younger than today… I was in love with Robert Smith and thought he was the prettiest man alive (never mind Johnny Depp). I finally saw them live at Wembley in 2006 or 2007 (or 2008) and I cried loads. They were formed in Crawley, West Sussex (my personal trainer lives there, not that it matters).

The Smiths – I love the melody and Morrissey’s singing. I have to confess that despite loving Smiths, I didn’t use to hear that much (at least compared to Pink Floyd/The Cure and others). They are from Manchester, a hub for bands in England.

Blur – ha, they met each other at Goldsmiths College, in Southeast London. And? And I studied there!! They even had a pocket show a few years ago for the students. I love Blur and their alternative pop songs. There was this rivalry between Blur and Oasis, but Oasis was a band I never liked, don’t ask me why (because I don’t know the answer).

Black Sabbath – they are from Birmingham, which I’ve been a couple of times for work, another city that produced famous English bands (Duran Duran, UB40, Judas Priest). I can’t stand listening to Ozzy Osbourne talking nowadays, but do enjoy the old BS tunes.

Deep Purple – this is a band a know very little about but used to listen to some of the songs a lot. They are from Hertford (where? Never been there, but it’s not far from North London). I still find it hard to believe that Dave Coverdale (Whitesnake) was a former singer…

New Order – they are the remaining of Joy Division, another band I like a lot, and guess where they are from? Manchester! Another one. New Order is one of these bands that I used to listen very loud, dancing on my own in my room.


The Clash – It’s accessible punk in my opinion (different from Sex Pistols, which is a bit harder to like if you are not a hardcore punk fan in my humble opinion). With songs like London Calling and Guns of Brixton, it’s kinda obvious that they are from London, right?

Love and Rockets – the band was formed by Bauhaus former members, but they are far from the gothic sound of the former band. Bauhaus was formed in Northampton, so one can only assume L&R is also from there. 🙂

David Bowie – he is from Brixton, Southwest London. David Bowie is a funny one, I was never into his music in an active way, but every time one of his records ended up in my hands, I would love it to bits. I loved almost absolutely everything I heard.

Dire Straits – Ok, this was very controversial to me. I grew up thinking that Dire Straits were a Scottish band, but mr. Google keeps telling me they were formed in Newcastle or Yorkshire or wherever. But, Mark Knopfler was born in Glasgow, so Scottish he is. I love Scotland to bits and I love the Scottish! I haven’t been to Glasgow though.

These are just some of the bands that I used to listed TOO MANY times, there are loads more. There are some I liked (Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones), but they wouldn’t have much of a chance on the record (and later CD) player. Now, don’t judge and don’t kill me: I never liked the Beatles. Not even these days. I’ve been to Liverpool and did the whole Beatles tour thing, but I can’t stand most of their songs (I do like Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band and Helter Skelter, though). 

Maybe, if I’m inspired or with extra time, I will make a list of the worst of the British bands (totally based on my personal taste, so it might offend some people).