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Strike a pose


Yesterday we went for our Groupon photo session. The voucher was for an hour session with two changes of clothes, 2 backgrounds and 50 high resolution untreated photos in a CD. We got 30 minutes instead – I wasn’t checking the time so only realised when we left – and about 90 photos.

We weren’t impressed with the photos. Actually they are pretty average and and will need a lot of work in order to become printable (some are out of focus, faces are in the shade, etc). Anyhoo, here are some of the photos so you can judge for yourself. I haven’t photoshopped then yet (not sure when and if I will).

Oh, and before the reader mentions, there wasn’t a production – no make up, no hair dresser. And it was the last day I had long hair – I had a haircut this morning (photos might come soon).


Groupon update


Since I wrote about my negative experiences with Groupon’s partners, I think I should update the post:

First of all, Groupon was very professional in dealing with my complaints. I got my money back from the treatment I couldn’t use – in Groupon credits though – and another 7 pounds credit for the eye shaping session I ended up not having (as part of the manicure and pedicure voucher). They also offered to give me the money back for the photo session if I didn’t want to go for it. But I will. It’s booked for the 29th April, the Wedding day. Ha, I hope it won’t be an adventure to get there.

With my credit I’ve already bought another four vouchers: a canvas print, a haircut (I told you I had to do something about it), a manicure/pedicure and a facial/massage offers. And I still have credits to spend. I think I ended up with a great deal. 😀 Just hope the service is good.