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Saving our planet Earth


I wish I was more ecologically correct than I actually am. I don’t even read as much to find out ways to help preserve the environment.

We do recycle here – it’s compulsory, which is good; we try to pass on unwanted furniture, electric goods, etc; and my new move is to try to save water. I keep thinking about not having water in the future and it give me the creeps. I think I could live without a mobile but not without having a shower (washing the dishes? Doing the laundry? Flushing?). I’m surprised that houses in the UK are not equiped to use water from the rain for bath/shower and toilets.

I recently found out on Thames Water (water supplier for London area) some freebies that can help save water. I ordered four items, but the sink adaptor doesn’t fit our sink. We’ve been using the hose spray gun (nothing new, but the one we bought didn’t work), which I think is great. Yet to test the shower timer (it basically “trains” you to have a 4 minute shower), but the save a flush thingy, which helps reducing the amount of water used in flushing when placed in the toilet tank, isn’t recommended to our type of flush (dual/push button).

I’m also planning to get a water tank to get water from rain to use in the garden and maybe to wash the car (although we rarely wash them), but this isn’t free – they cost a bit but I think it’s worth it.

Any additional tips to help saving water?
* We don’t have a dishwasher – it broke and we never bothered to replace it. I heard mixed opinions about it: it could save water; it uses a lot of water. :/
* the girls have bath every day (separately), but we fill the bath tubs with the bare minimum to wash them clean. Laura is completely against showers and I don’t know what to do to change that.
* we replaced our lawn with artificial grass, so one less thing to water.
* we rarely use the paddling pool, but when we do, we wet the plants with the water.