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52 objects: week 52


This is the end, my friends! The 52 objects project has come to an end. I started this project roughly when I discovered myself pregnant, and now my baby is 13 weeks old.

I was hard to select the objects and looking back, I would have probably swapped on object or two. Or maybe not. What I realised with this exercise is that I have lots of useless stuff around the house that mean nothing or very little to me (not included in the project), yet I still keep them. But I do have some objects that I love.

So here is the last object, my most recent acquisition:

What is it? A Nikon D3200 camera (and a 55-200mm lens).

Why it was chosen? I always wanted to be a good amateur photographer, but never really got into studying photography, and most of all, investing in a decent camera. This is an entry level camera, far from being one of those that cost a small fortune. I’m hoping to use it quite a lot and this time, I am committed to learn about the basics of photography and get to know this camera well. I have loads to learn though.

What else? We take a lot of photos with our phones, but when I printed the photos I had on my phone, I realised how bad they were. I mean, they are good for screen but bad to print. I also have a Sony Cybershot, which is good enough for family photos, day to day snapshots, but I wanted to have decent photos of the girls to print.




Here are some of the photos I took with the camera, while playing with the settings:





52 objects: week 51


Nearly there. Next week is the last of the 52 objects project. I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year!! :-/

So, this week is a cheat. I couldn’t decide which one to go with (the 52nd object has been chosen), so I’ll include both.

What are they? Photo 1: my scale. Photo 2: two long skirts

Where are they? The scale is in the bathroom, under the sink (and I discovered a leakage, that’s why it’s stained). The skirts are in my wardrobe.

Why were they chosen? I bought the scale when I desperate to lose weight. Since then I weigh myself often, but I never managed to lose enough weight (or keep what I lost out). I don’t think I can leave without a scale.

The skirts are old, very old. I think they are more than 10 years old (I wore the one on the left in the recording of a showcase of Alanis Morissette to a TV channel in Brazil, in 2002). I love them because no matter the weight I am, they always fit me (if they look good is another story) – ALWAYS!

What else? In the beginning, I used to check the whole stuff – weight, water, bones, fat. I have a profile saved with age, height, etc., but I don’t care much about these things now. At least not now that I am overweight.

I don’t think the skirts will last much longer – the orange has a whole somewhere that I try to ignore whenever I want to wear it. I have another green dress, also about 10-15 years old that I am also reluctant to give away. :-/


So, there you go, the two objects complement each other: one reminds me I’m overweight. The other makes me forget about it.



52 objects: week 50


What is it? Ice cube trays

Why were they chosen? I love shaped ice and got these trays in several trips to Ikea. I’m thinking about using them to make frozen juice for Laura to refresh her in this weather.

What else? I have to control myself not to buy all cute ice cube trays I see because our freezer doesn’t even have space to put them.


52 Objects: week 49


Nearly there, peepols! I have no idea what the last 3 objects will be! :/ panic mode on.

What is it? An A4 copy of a portrait of me, painted by Maryam Foroozanfar

Where is it? Guest room, but I’ll frame it and take it downstairs. Or leave it in the guest room. Or take it downstairs. I don’t know yet.

Why was it chosen? Because it was my 15 seconds of fame. This portrait was exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, at the yearly BP event (apologies for not remembering the name of the event). I think it is from 2007; this top doesn’t fit me even in my wildest dreams. I remember people at working coming to me to ask if it was really me. Hehe

What else? This copy isn’t mine, it’s Mariana’s, and she forgot it here after she moved back to Brazil. I bought two A3 copies, one for my mum and one for my dad, but I haven’t got one myself (does it count as an object if it was “stolen”?).


52 objects: week 48


What is it? A vintage sign

Where is it? In the kitchen

Why was it chosen? I got it by impulse, having no clue where I was going to put it. It doesn’t “match” the rest of the house, yet I love it and am thinking about changing a few things around so I can put it in our hallway.

What else? Nothing else. 🙂


52 Objects: week 47


What is it? a clock/photo-frame

Where is it? In the messy room, which was meant to be a little “office”

Why was it chose? this clock should play a bigger part in my life; I got it for the office as I was expecting to spend more time there than I do. I wanted a clock but also a place to put photos (all of Laura at the moment) to look at. Unfortunately, the office became a dumping ground and I rarely go in there.

What else? I’m in the process of cleaning and organising the room so it can be used. Next step will be to update the photos of the clock and have more family photos.


52 objects: week 46


What is it? A hair brush – no, actually, my favourite hair brush.

Where is it? Normally in the bathroom.

Why was it chose? I was never a fan of (self) brushing my hair, but after I got this brush I really enjoy it (it doesn’t mean that I do brush it, though). It massages my scalp and untangles my hair really quickly.

What else? In total, I have three brushes and one comb, but this is the only one I use (the others are just in case I can’t find this one, which happens sometimes).


52 Objects: week 45


What is it? Collector’s card with limited edition Coronation stamps.

Where did it come from? I got one of those marketing mailings in the post saying that our address was one of 50,000 homes in the UK given the opportunity to buy this. I bought online and it cost £5.95; a bargain!

Why was it chosen? Because my inner tourist loves these tacky things about the royalty. I don’t have anything related to the jubilee and as far as I remember, I don’t even have anything with the Union Flag on it, so I thought that these stamps were a good compromise to show my love and appreciation to this country (along with the tax I pay).

What else? I don’t collect stamps nor have the intention to. I don’t even know where to put them. Maybe frame it?


52 objects: summary to date

52 Objects: week 1 to 43

52 Objects: week 1 to 43

Not long until this project is over. Looking back at some photos I realise I should have put a little more effort on the photos – I confess that some photos were old ones I had on my phone and I was on the go and wanted to post straight away. Maybe one day I might replace or add better pictures of the objects.

I’ve been organising the stuff around the house and also looking for meaningful objects to be part of the last weeks of this project. It has been tough, I would deny, but also fun. Let’s see what the future reserves.

52 Objects: week 44


What is it? Some of my music CDs

Where are they? Now, in the living room. Before they were hidden in the messy room

Why were they chosen? Because I used to love my CDs more than I love anybody in the world (ok, a little exageration here, but you get the point). They were my companion, my best friends, the presence I wouldn’t mind having 24 hours in the house. I had to leave them behind when I moved to the UK,; I just brought a bunch so I wouldn’t feel so lonely. I left the cases in Brazil though (space issues). Next step is to bring them all and all the cases. Not sure when (and where I’m going to put them).

What else? Fine, fine… The passion I mention above is to music not CDs, one could argue. I still have some vinyls in my mum’s house, and although I don’t have where to play them (mum still has the LP player), I’m hoping to keep them for a long time (or sell for a little fortune in 30 years time). I can lend books, but I don’t lend my CDs, so don’t bother asking. 😉