Miss Lazy is also Chris. Chris has two babies, exactly three years apart (both are May babies). They are beautiful and healthy and happy and chatty and not lazy AT ALL girl. They are big girls now, but they will always be babies to me. Miss Lazy would love to have a house full of kids, but after having the first one, she kinda realised that kids are fun but also a lot of hard work and sleepless nights. So two is good.

I’m Brazilian but I’m also Portuguese and British. My favourite place in the world is home and at the moment home is just outside London. The most beautiful place I’ve ever been to is Rio de Janeiro but I can’t explain why – I think it’s just love.

I’m interested in so many things but because I’m lazy I do very little. I stopped exercising after the second kid arrived – from time to time I have the urge to go back, but… oh, just too much work! I want to be a healthy old lady – as healthy as a lazy person that loves unhealthy food can be. I love dogs and plants but I’m too lazy to take care of them so I don’t have pets or plants; I love travelling but for some reason (laziness?) I don’t travel that much; I wish I could sing, ice skate and cook well but at the moment the will is not as strong as the laziness, so I don’t sing, ice skate or cook well. Mr C was my boyfriend for 4 and 1/2 years and is also the father of my babies – he is my husband since April 2010.

I’m not a very typical lady: I don’t like diamonds, I only like real potted flowers, I don’t like make up, hair straightners or highlights, shopping is my worst nightmare and I suffer when I have to spend money (yet, I’m also happy when I spend money). I like winters in Brazil and summers in London (when there is a summer that is); I’m a little bit introvert but I need my friends; I’m grumpy but kind; I complain about everything but I love everything; I’m also very random.

My life is an open book with many pages ripped off.

2010 balance: snow in February, married in April, house in mid-May, baby in late-May, trips to Brazil and US in September-October-November, snow in November and December.

2011 balance: Baby’s crawling for the 1st time, eating food for the 1st time, trip to Romania in February, 1st birthday in London in May, 1st birthday in Brazil in June, we got a new car in June, I progressed with furnishing the house, I went back to work in August, Laura went to the nursery, I had my first alcoholic drink is two years (and got drunk), Laura’s first words, I changed jobs in September, we went to Romania for Christmas, I discovered that working full-time in the office + looking after a child without parents around can be really tough.

2012 balance: I’m still trying to decorate the house, celebrated our 1st Valentine’s in a few years, I became British in February, we went to Cyprus in June, Queen’s Jubilee in June, London Olympics in July/August, I started the 52 objects project in August, I cooked more than ever, Laura left the nursery and we had our parents around from April until September, I found out I was pregnant in September, we went to Brazil in October, we received Lilian from October until end of December, I worked really hard at the not so new job, Laura went back to the nursery, it rained more than ever in the UK (apparently the second worst year since records started), we spent Christmas and New Years in the UK.

2013: New Baby in May (8 days early) and maternity leave kicks off. Mum around for 2 months and a half, in laws around for one month. Finally a trip to Romania in summer (August).

2014: My father died of cancer in February. I spent 6 weeks in Brazil with the girls and it was great, better than any previous trip back home. I went back to work in June. We went to Croatia in July. Beatrice (the youngest) went to a childminder and Laura (the eldest) started school.

2015: Such a weird year. I can’t remember anything really memorable to share. More of the same, more bad news than good. Not a single drop of snow. The world seems a weird place to be. Oh, and in November, I resigned, with no new job to go to.


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  1. I love your descriptions of YOU. You’re so funny. Can’t wait to read more of your blogs…Ok, so I know I’m trying to keep my identity a secret until the three-month mark with the baby, but I’ll tell you this: I’m half French and half Venezuelan 😉 So I relate to a lot of what you say! and…I’m lazy too in the most hard-working-crazy-cook-do-everything-but-love-to-do-nothing kind of way.

  2. I love this line: “My life is an open book with many pages ripped off.” Your description is awesome and I actually read through the whole thing (which I don’t do often!).

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