It only hurts when I breath


I decided, together with another 2 billion of the population, that I would start exercising in the New Year. This is what you do after the binge eating and drinking of the festive season, right?

I didn’t start on the 1st as planned, because, let’s face it, the year starts on a Monday. Even though I was on holidays (back to work today, peeps, wish me luck) – or maybe just because of that – I started it. At home, but quite tough nonetheless. I found one of those 90-day-kill-yourself-exercising-and-pretend-you-will-have-that-great-body-on-the-cover DVDs that I bought years ago and never used it and decided to give it a go.

After four days of exercising, I can say it proudly: I SURVIVED! Just about. Every bit of my body hurts, even my soul. I was looking at the plan and the thing has limited resting period. One day every 6 or 9 days. I know I am rusty and with time (I hope) I’ll get better and fitter and will follow the classes without stopping so much, but at the moment, the feeling is that I want to quit.

I’ll try my best to go through the program, at least the 90 days it requires, especially with classes being between 30 and 45 minutes. I’m not sure about what is my goal here (lose weight? have a firm body? have more energy? improve my mood and my sleep? finally give up exercising for good?), but I’m hoping that if I carry on for a couple of weeks and see results, I’ll be motivated. I’m also eating slightly better (since Monday, that is), so surely something should happen in two weeks, right? RIGHT?



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