New Year’s resolutions


Happy New Year, Y’All!

I was hoping to blog more frequently, but this blogging business is a tough one. You need to think what you will write, write, edit, revise and revise again, etc. And I’m not a fast writer and I change my mind about what to write all the time. I have about four new posts just as drafts because I can’t finish them or decide what I’m really going to write.

And there goes a whole paragraph talking about nothing. What I am really here to write is about my new year’s resolutions, which are inexistent, very atypical of me. I might not follow my resolutions, but I normally have them, even if just stuck in my head.

I’m not even going with the obvious “be a better person”. Or with the even more obvious “find a new job”. That is not a resolution for me, although it might happen. A couple of weeks ago, I was planning to have a break and only start a new job in June (like everything can be planned like that). My idea was to be free in May, when my mom is planning her annual visit, so I can spend some time with her. Well, this is still the idea, but I’m also still keeping an eye on the new roles that come up on LinkedIn. I applied for a couple. So, what I am saying is that if the right job comes up, plans will have to be changed.

This brings me to a recurring point in all my resolutions: FOCUS. Goodness, how this is such a hard thing for me. I complain to my girls that they don’t focus, but I’m just a more mature version of them. It’s like I’m a kid and the world is a giant Toys R Us shop with a huge pic’n’mix section. Where to look? What to get? Where should I start from? Aaaaaaah! Unlike my kids, who would be running around like crazy, touching, feeling, stealing everything, I freeze, I don’t move. Too.many.options. Not good. Either that or I pick the first thing I see just to get on with it.

The trick for me is to stay focussed but plan for flexibility. Allow room for some distractions, predictable, worthwhile, limited distractions. Also think about the possible outcomes, positive and negatives, to manage expectations (and don’t get frustrated about the negative outcome).

All nice when put on paper (or screen), but honestly, I have this speech for years and years and never got anywhere with it. I’m still trying though, as it is with losing weight, it’s something worth pursuing.

Another tempting thing to add to my resolution list is to find my passions. True passions. Every time I find something I enjoy (baking, editing videos for example), I either get off of it in a few months, or the idea of making it a career puts me off, or I just discover that I am not that good at it and 1. don’t have the patience to improve, 2. don’t have the time to dedicate to it, 3. not THAT in love to justify the “investment”. So I wanted to see if there is something out there that I am so passioned about to the point I could make a living of it.

The third item in my potential list is one that ruins it completely. Not to have resolutions. Not to have objectives I want to achieve at the end of the year and just see what happens. Let it flow, you know what I mean? Let life takes its course and only interfere as and where needed. That could be interesting. And tricky.

How about you? Have you thought about your resolutions? All in place and on track?


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