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February has come and has gone


Such a short month; I haven’t even noticed it happened and it’s March already. 

The theory of the 21 days is rubbish. At least for me. My theory is:

Bad habits might take 21 days to sink in. Bad habits normally involved things that have some sort of addictive substance in it, like eating too much sugar, smoking, drinking alcohol. To create a habit within 21 days, this habit has to bring some sort of addictive benefit with it.

I do believe that it is possible to create a habit of exercising daily, if one is strong enough to start and maintain it for 21 days. I do not believe that putting body lotion every night can become a habit. I tried and I am lucky if I do it 4 days a week. Not to worry, I’m now back to the strongest moisturiser I ever found and if I skip a day, my legs aren’t dry the following day as with the previous (crap) body lotion I had.

Interestly, I’m more strict with the face cream routine. Maybe it’s easier to remember and having a mirror in front of me helps, maybe there’s less area to cover, maybe because the face is always exposed, I don’t know. But since I started this routine, I might have missed a day or two. I have been even adventurous and added a few extra steps (especial soap to clean, sometimes even a toner, which I don’t know what’s for but, hey, it was a 2-4-1 promotion).

Bedtime with the girls has also been a fiasco. We would put them in their beds, they would come back, and every day for the 21 days (and more) went on like this. Beatrice being the worst of the two. It got ugly, so ugly, I moved to the guest room. It’s been 4 nights and guess what?! I’m totally used to it, it can easily become a habit and I don’t even need to do it for 21 days.

So my theory of these 21 days is that, as long as it’s comvenient to you, as long as bring you some sort of immediate physical and mental reward, it works. Otherwise it’s just a torture. It’s like stop smoking… 21 days is nothing to a smoker. 21 months is more like it. 21 years without smoking to make it a habit.

P.S.: I’m sleeping better in the guest room but am sleepier than ever. How come?


The hippie mother


I tried to be a hippie mother but I failed big time.

I tried to have natural births. Twice. Ended up begging – and getting – for epidural. The second time so unnecessary that the effect only started after Beatrice was born.

I breastfed both as much as I could take, not as much as they wanted. Laura stopped breastfeeding when she 20 month old, partially because she wanted, partially because she was having cow’s milk on a bottle and I never tried to stop it or reduce it. Beatrice is 22 months old and is still breastfeeding, but for the last two months, there’s not a single evening that I wished she would quit.

I tried to be a good mother and don’t give them sugar before two. I tried but the rest of the world didn’t. So I gave up trying. At least I replaced refine sugar with demerara, muscovado and honey. Better than nothing.

I try to cook vegetables and encourange them to eat their greens. Beatrice is still doing good; Laura hates almost everything (she would eat some at the nursery though). It’s hard to give good examples when I’m not a fan myself and have to force myself to eat them. At least they eat lots of fruits.

I thought about using reusable nappies, but just thought about it. I still suffer with the amount of clothes I have to wash; I can’t imagine if I had to wash nappies too.

I tried eco friendly washing powder, conditioner, detergents, but I forget about them. I’m not very good with recycling either.

I don’t like leaving the girls on ipads and smart phones unattended. Not that I would veto these completely (how could I?) but I wanted to always be near them watching whatever they are watching and encouraging them to talk about it etc. Truth is: sometimes I use these things as an electronic nanny, so i have have time to do other stuff – or even, do nothing and have some quiet time.

They don’t go to MacDonalds and they don’t drink fizzy drinks (they tried lemonade though). They accept when I say that Coca Cola is not good for them and is only for adults (like beer). But what they do behind my back is something else.

I spend way too much time working. More time working than with them. Which is the opposite of my concept of hippie mother. And if I was more present, more patience, more dedicated, certainly my kids wouldn’t have had sugar before two, wouldn’t eat chips, watch weird videos on YouTube and would have their mother literally 24 hours a day.

I wanted to be a hippie mother, but maybe I just don’t it enough.