Every day conversation


I drop Laura off and pick her up at school every Thursday. It’s a nice way to spend a few hours just the two of us , get to see other kids and parents (just see, I don’t talk to them) and have a five minute walk.

Our chat on the way home:

Laura: Mummy, imagine if you died…
Me: … hmmm…. I don’t think I want to imagine that.
Laura: It’s just pretend, mummy!
Me: Ok…
Laura: You died and someone took you to the hospital…
Me: errrrr… so, when you die, they don’t take you to the hospital.
Laura: Of course they do!
Me: No, you go to the hospital when you are ill. When you die, you go to the cemetery.
Laura: cenetewy?!
Me: Ce-Me-Te-Ry.
Laura: What’s that?!
Me: A place where they keep the bodies when they stop working; when they die. Remember when we went to say bye buy to vovô Mário? That was a cemetery.
Laura: No, vovô Mário is in the sky!
Me: … yes, he is. But his body is placed somewhere else.
Laura: hmmmm.
Me: It’s cold, isn’t it?


2015/01/img_2678.jpg“Mummy, I’m gonna drive you crazy with my questions! huahuahuahua”


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