Who cares about planning anyway?


In my mind, England (the UK?) is the land of planning. I remember being overwhelmed with all the planning required to meet friends, go to a concert or a play and travel. There was no such thing as “what are you doing now? Nothing? fancy a cinema/coffee/walk in the park?”

The reasons are various: firstly, most of my friends don’t leave close to me and takes about one to two hours (TFL permitting) to get anywhere. Secondly, people are just so eager to do stuff that tickets to shows and famous plays start selling a year before (or more) and are sold out in minutes. So there you have it – an event planned a year in advance and it’s not even a Christmas one. Then I think it has to do with the culture. People are so used to plan ahead that if you say “let’s do something tomorrow, they will probably say “tomorrow? errrrrr… let me check (my diary/with the other half/what phase of the moon we are now) and get back to you; I’m pretty sure we have something booked”. Sometimes you don’t even invite people for anything last minute because you are sure they can’t make it or you are not ready for such impromptu commitment.

But then, sometimes you want to plan thing ahead but people just won’t let you. Kids. Kids don’t let you plan anything ahead. Laura has been banging on for months and months (since her birthdays, really) that she wants a Frozen party. I ignore it for a while in the hopes that there will be another Disney princess taking over and she will change her mind. But until Christmas, it was all about “can I have a Frozen party?”.

So I started thinking about finding little Frozen items here and there and start gathering ideas to, for a change, don’t do anything so last minute (which will happen anyway, no matter how far I plan – but it’s more for the sake of getting anything on ebay from China that takes a month to be delivered).

And guess what has happened today? When asked what theme she wanted for her party, the answer was Hello Kitty!

So she will end up having a Frozen-Princess-Fairy-Lego-Hello Kitty-Pony-whatever crap is in fashion next Spring and everyone will be happy. Except me.

(I was thinking about ignoring the birthday party and going somewhere nice for a week in May, but I don’t think I can get away with it).


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