Bye 2014; hello 2015!


Happy New Year, everyone! If you don’t celebrate it, happy today!

I love lists. Love. Absolutely love them. I think I mentioned this a few times here. I just like making lists; not that I do anything with them. And one of my favourite lists is the Year’s Recap list. Another one is Next Year’s Plans.


I got the 2014 Summary from Word Press and I’m shocked that in 2014 I only posted 45 times. Geez… 365 days in the year and I wrote only 45 posts?

That is NOT cool. Not that I have a huge follower list or that “my readers deserve better” (I mean, of course they deserve better, but let’s face it, this is not really a proper blog talking about topics that are relevant to the world, right?).

It is just that I love writing and blogging is sort of a therapy for me and a diary as well, so if I don’t write here means that I have a problem (=either too busy, badly busy or am too depressed to bother to write or, even worse, nothing interesting is happening).

So here is an item for my Next Year’s to do list (I bet this was in last year’s list as well): write more about (any) stuff. If I’m too busy to write, I shall find time. If life is too boring and I can’t find anything to write about, I shall find something interesting to do just to write about it.


Was 2014 a good year for you? I’m on the fence here. I was on maternity leave for the first half of the year, which means enjoying my little baby girl, Beatrice; looking after the house; not getting too stressed about work crap; eating like a pig and putting on weight; going crazy for not doing all the things I like that wouldn’t involve children; not having great nights of sleeps, etc.

It was a family year – 9 months of it were spent with my family and the in-laws. I spent 6 weeks in Brazil with the girls in January/February and it was great and it was awful. Great to be there in summer (and avoid a big chunk of Europe’s winter), enjoy the sun and the beach; I had loads of help with the girls and for the first time in 4 years+ I felt less stressed. Awful because my dad passed away while we were there (I got to say goodbye at least). I got to visit Bahia, see Beatrice covered in heat rash in Rio and enjoy the breezy sea coast of Macaé, in the north of Rio state.

We also went on a road trip to Romania in summer, and then we went to Croatia. On top of that, British summer was amazing. Lots of sunshine in 2014. And who would have thought that I would have Vitamin D deficiency? Apparently it wasn’t enough sunshine.

In the list for 2015: since I can’t get any more sun than I did in 2014, make sure I carry on taking vitamin D tablets forever.


2014 was a year of family travels. Long trips to Brazil and Romania and a couple of weeks in Croatia with the in laws and a long weekend to Brugge with my mother and a last minute Christmas holiday to Romania again. So what’s in the list for 2015? Honestly, I don’t know if it’s my personality, or the lack of sleep (which the GP seems to think it’s the cause of all my problems), but although I love traveling and I am desperate to travel more, just to think of all the hassle of traveling with the girls puts me off completely. But I have plans – yet to be discussed and agreed with the other half. I have loads of holidays next year – 35 working days, which is about 7 weeks + bank holidays.

Of course Brazil and Romania are in the list, hopefully during (local) summer time. We were thinking about taking the girls to Disneyland Paris during one of Laura’s half term breaks. but I quickly checked the prices and got a bit scared. Beach holidays are my preferred option but Brugge proved that it is possible for a 4 year old to have fun visiting museums and old churches, so maybe a more cultural trip could be considered.

I must confess that planning holidays is something that stresses me way too much, so I will have to come back to that in a near future.


Work-wise, 2014 was a funny one. I went back to work in June, a bit scared of what would be waiting for me. Very annoyed about a few issues but then it all became super interesting and I am actually enjoying it a lot. So if I had plans to change jobs in 2015 – or just quit – the plans are now on hold until further notice.


Items always in the new year’s resolution are exercise and look after my health. They’ve been part of my plans for, I don’t know, 20 years? But now that I am a “middle age” woman (someone told me that), I feel like I really need to look after myself. Not sure if it will happen or when it will happen, but it’s on the radar.

An additional item is my mental health. I am going nuts and this is not good. 2014 drove me crazy, I freaked out but survived. So I better take this opportunity to do something about it sooner rather than later.


One great thing about 2014 was that I went back to reading books. Not consistently, not the best books ever, but 12 books in total. And hopefully it will be the same in 2015; I’ve already chosen the first one.


That’s it. My little summary of 2014 and plans for 2015. Of course “look after my family” and “be a better mother” is all implied. May 2015 be the best year in our lives so far!


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  1. Gostei da tua retrospectiva, o ano parece ter sido bem atípico e com um pouco de tudo. E 9 meses com a família (!!!!!), apesar de todos os atropelos que estar com a família trazem deve ter sido ótimo se sentir acompanhada por tanto tempo.
    E queria te encorajar a cuidar da mental health, eu também dei uma pirada (só que no meu caso em 2013) e afeta todo o resto da vida, nada legal :/ Preciso até ver isso da vitamina D pra saber se preciso tomar.. Mas volta no GP, investiga o que puder melhorar tua vida e força na peruca que vamos caminhando! 🙂 Bjsssss

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