Yesterday, on our way home, Laura was a great child, even though Beatrice was not (very mean to her sister). She had lots of patience with Bea, kept trying to reason with her to make her stop crying.

Until we got to our driveway, she had a sad face and when I asked what had happened she bursted into tears:

– I wish I could help you
– Help me with what?
– Washing the dishes!
(I nearly cried!! Someone in the house wanting to HELP me with the DISHES?!)
– Oh, bebê, you can help me whenever you want! Let’s go inside and dirty some dishes so we can wash them.
– I am not tall enough, I can’t reach it
(at this point, she was crying a river, sobbing, really really upset)
– We have the stool for you, the one you use to wash your hands
– I don’t want to use it. I want to help you with the dishes but I’m not tall enough…

First world problems of a four year old girl. But she is like that (either a cry baby or an aggressive one) when she is very tired, so as long as I keep by cool, I know how to deal with her (lots of hugs, compliments *you are so lovely wanting to help mummy; what an amazing daughter*, alternative solutions *why don’t you help mummy give a bath in Bea? I’ll need a lot of help!*, or change of subject *yuk, check out this huuuge slug*).


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