Laura: 4 years and 4 months old


So big little girl is 52 months old today. Let’s forget all the difficulties and focus only on the amazing things:

* She has an easy smile. Even the fake ones are cute and contagious

* She is a chatter box but a clever one. She makes up stories, has great solutions for problems and is hard to be fooled.

* Picking her up late at the childminder:
– C’mon Laura, it’s late, it’s bedtime.
Driving home, singing in the car
– But mummy, it can’t be bed time, look at all these people driving; there are not sleeping

* She is the best sister Beatrice could have asked for. Yes, she can be a bit jealous of her little sister but these moments are so rare. Generally she is extremely caring and generous and, oh, so sweet! “Ah, booboo, do you want to play?”, “ah, booboo, don’t cry, Laula (sic) is here”, “ah, booboo, do you want Laula?”. And Beatrice absolutely adores her.

* It is hard work to have two kids but too see the love between the two is so worth it.

* Laura loves cooking (or helping in the kitchen), loves painting, drawing, shopping, dressing up, reading stories, iPad, TV, books, running, jumping, laughing,… but she is really into (and quite good at, I must say) ballet/dance.

* She is enjoying school, despite being put in the red zone (today) due to not listening to the teacher.

* She is becoming a bit of a fussy eater.

* She absolutely adores Frozen. She told me today that she wanted her name to be Elsa. And she is dragging Beatrice in to the madness!

* She used to like Peppa Pig and now she thinks it’s boring.

* Her writing is improving. Her reading inexists.

* She is (now) afraid of dark.

* She is sleeping in our bed (despite wanting a bunk bed and spending several minutes explaining how I can make a ladder that is Bea proof).

* She can be very difficult at times (strong personality…) but most of the times she is such an adorable child. The childminder is always full of compliments about her behaviour (and I’ve seen it, she is really good when she is there).

* She is very shy but sometimes she just decides to be friendly to strangers.

* She is daddy’s daughter but she loves mummy the most. It might change with time but for now this is the truth (and daddy knows it).

* She loves mummy so much that she lets mummy have a lie in on Saturdays and Sundays!! And goes upstairs at 9am saying “cuckoo; it’s 9 o’clock, time to wake up!”.

* There isn’t a single time that we go out with her that she doesn’t ask for something – mainly food sweets, sometimes toys. Sometimes I get home with freebies I get from work and she is a big puzzled (“I didn’t ask for that; why are you giving it to me?”) but the following day she wants more. A few times she said “Mum, I love you soooooooo much” and when asked why she replied “because you bring me nice stuff from work”. Not good, is it?

* She keeps asking for a baby brother. She doesn’t have a clue…

* I love her curiosity. One of these days she looked in the bathroom drawer (it was opened; she doesn’t open things without asking) and said “can i have a look? wow, look at all these things! Amazing! I love everything”. In the drawer: toothpaste, nail clipper, cotton buds…

* She is normally very polite. She asks if she can go downstairs, get whatever, eat whatever, play with whatever. Of course there are the naughty moments, but in general she is quite good.

* Sometimes we have a mother-and-big daughter moment, quite rare though, but really precious moments. Note to self: spend more time just the two of us and make sure I give 100% of my attention to her.

And they say it gets better than that…

Random photos:















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