Super Dindo!


That we chose great Godparents to our daughters, I have no doubt. But I didn’t expect Bea’s Godfather to have super eyesight, like proper superhero vision.

Last Saturday we decided to have the last barbecue of the year (or maybe not, if the weather carries on being warm like these days) and we were all having a good chat while the girls were playing on the grass. Mr. W had his back to them, so was looking at the scene through the reflection on the conservatory glass. I was already surprised that he could see details of Laura’s expressions or little things the girls were doing, but, hey, maybe we was on a special angle…

What really impressed me though was then they were playing with Dinda and Mr. James, with his back to them, said “be careful with the frog”. I thought it was a joke, until he turned and pointed to a tony brown frog on the grass, hopping his way out of the girls path. Really?! How the heck he could possibly have seen a tiny brown from on the grass from a reflection on a glass?!? Not even the girls – Dinda included – saw it and they were next to the frog!!!

Well, I must say that I am now very relax to leave the girls in his capable hands – I’m sure that if he could spot that thing, he will be able to stop Beatrice from eating pebbles, food from the floor or any other tiny thing that we only notice when it’s already in her mouth.


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