So far so good


I might not be so present around here, but life has been very busy.

Going back to work was not as easy as I would have liked but we were lucky to have help with the girls. Now we are getting ready to be just the two of us again and it’s all a bit scary.

We spent this week adapting the girls to their new routine, which is childminder and school. It wasn’t too bad but we know that real life is also different.

The first three days of the week, we dropped both girls very early in the morning at the childminder, who later in the afternoon took them back home. The two together were perfect and raised no concerns. Thursday was Laura’s first day at school and we all – mum, dad, grandma, little sis and childminder – went with her to her classroom. She was very excited in the morning but got a bit shy when she go there. After a bit of attention from the assistant teacher, she was alright. But it was a two hour session only and she wasn’t very happy in the afternoon.

Laura is in a very interesting age. She is just discovering her feelings. She is learning to express herself and this requires acknowledging what she is going through. So imagine that: for the last 9 months she was always around family: long holidays in Brazil, my mother here for nearly 3 months, my mother-in-law for 3 months and soon (too soon, Saturday) this will be gone. The months of sleeping with grandma, eating chocolate secretly, afternoons in the park, blackberry picking… gone. And then she left the nursery where she spent over a year and made good friends. And then she met the childminder and spent the day with her sister and other girls her age. And then this was gone. So she is pretty upset these last two days and doesn’t know how to deal with it. All we can do is talk a lot about the changes and how positive things are and how all will be great. Luckily, we have a great arrangement with our childminder and she is going to drop Laura off at and pick her up from school.

Beatrice is “less problematic” as she is so much used to people and moving around than Laura was at her age. Yes, we do have the odd days, grumpy morning and crying crisis but not quite dramatic. She loves the childminder and doesn’t cry in the morning. Yesterday, though, she wasn’t over the moon – maybe she missed grandma and her sister and maybe the teeth were annoying her more than usual. Her day naps are also a big mess, but on the bright side, her night sleeps are getting better.

Our new challenge starts on Monday. We are still testing the waters but at the moment, it looks like I will do the drop offs and pick ups and this requires a bit off rehearsal. Today was the first day and it wasn’t too bad. Not perfect, but not bad. I will be exhausted by the end of a full week, but maybe it will help me to sleep better at night.


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  1. Awn, acho que a transição pra qualquer coisa nova sempre é problemática até pros adultos né? We simply don’t like change!! Mas por um lado talvez seja bom já crescer se adaptando a esse fato da vida? Boa sorte segunda, e beijão na Laura, que está crescendo rápido demais! :*

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