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One week down, one more to go


Hello from Croatia, from the A1 motorway to be more precise. We left Brela behind and we are heading to Krk (or at least it’s where I think we are heading to). From south-ish to north-ish.


The week in Brela was interesting. Beautiful place, beautiful beaches, small, quiet. Steep stairs, pebble beaches, cold water, no waves, lots of water sports, islands nearby. We haven’t done much though and it wasn’t out of interest and will. After 2-3 days, my mother in law and Laura fell a bit ill (I think in Laura’s case , it was her bronquitis/asthma attacking) and her father being slightly paranoid, didn’t allow her to go in the water. Now how great it is to be in a beach place and cannot go in the sea? I guess we should be grateful (never understood the spelling, shouldn’t it be greatful? Apparently dictionary says no) for the couple of rainy days.

We went to Split, Trogir and walked on the promenade of Brela on the days “we” weren’t allowed to swim. Nice places but I have to confess that I am yet to get used to: being married, having kids, living with the father of the kids. Because the difference of opinion and interest and energy is so so so different that sometimes it seems like a punishment, not a holiday.


I admire those happy family that ignore the needs of their kids whose kids are so adapted to their parents pace and pose no obstacles to the trip. An example: we love road trips and we are a bit isolated in Brela so have to drive at least 1 hour to get to places. Beatrice hates car seat more than cat hates water. She screams, has a fit, every time she spends more than 10 minutes in her seat. How are you supposed to go on a road trip if the child doesn’t want to be in the car seat? I tell you how… by risking her life and holding her in your arms. Totally not cool, not safe and not allowed.


Our city tours can be summarised as:

* trips to restaurants
* stops for ice cream and coffee
* long searches for toilets
* play time in children’s parks
* quick photos (using the mobile because a camera is too hard to use with one hand only) of historic buildings, but just the façades. Never mind learning about the actual building, we can always look on wikipedia later; or just forget about it.

No wonder, the most popular attractions in our trips are the beach (when they don’t get ill) and lunch time.


Croatian, the language, sounds so familiar. I barely understand a thing (although there are loads of latin words and other slavic (?) ones) but it doesn’t sound alien to my ears. In fact it almost sounds Romanian…


Here are some photos of Brela (we were in Stomarica, but went to other beaches there).

Watching the Brazilian match; painful in every sense

At the bottom of the stairs in Stomarica

Our window view

A boat selling fruits and veggies. Talk about delivery service…

With the mountains in the background

Best shoes eva. A must have in Croatia (and it costs about €8, but it will probably last the length of your holidays)

If you have space in your luggage, pack it up with inflatables and tents. Not every beach has umbrellas and chairs to rent (only the ones towards the end of the promenade, bigger and busier, after the Punta Rata restaurant). Probably only Europeans traveling to Croatia by car can afford such luxury of bringing double inflatable mattress and tent and lots of kids inflatable toys, but it is worth a try if you are traveling by plane.20140712-114159-42119285.jpg





The map of Brela. 20140712-114751-42471413.jpg


This nook is a changing booth and there are several along the beaches. And fresh water showers as well, but don’t bother bringing soap and shampoo; they are not allowed.20140712-114828-42508038.jpg