First day


I’m on my way to a presentation in central London. As usual, I didn’t prepare myself the night before and as expected I forgot to bring several things with me. Like a cardigan. Cardigan and oyster card/railcard are two items that commuters should have on them.

I am very sleepy. Mainly because I’ve been going to bed too late for someone who is awaken at 5:30am (4:48am this time). But there is also the rocking of the train, that is almost like a mother putting her child to sleep. It’s going to be an interesting week; I’m glad my stops (both to work and home) are one before the last , so not too bad if I fall asleep on the train.

The week shouldn’t be too hectic, as everybody in my department are away, either on holidays or conferences abroad. So it is not even like I will get loads of phone calls, because the time difference is in my favour.

Going back to forgetting stuff, a couple of other vital items, such as earphones, are missing. But one I left behind on purpose and I think I will regret deeply: the breast pump. Those who have been to the weaning stage probably will sympathise with the pain it is to have the breasts full for too long. I’m not planning to stop breastfeeding Beatrice (unless she wants to), but I’ll limit the “usage” of the “equipment” to mornings, evenings and middle of the night. Those who have been there might sympathise with the pain of expressing milk in the communal bathroom. Despite being a right, expressing milk at work is just not convenient to me. I did the same with Laura and breastfeeding carried on until she was 20 months old and she decided to stop.

Now, on to the best part of going back to work… I’m going to wrap up this post now and grab my book. Have a lovely day you all! “Happy Monday!”


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