Spring has sprung!


That the weather in the UK is bipolar, we all know. After a couple of weeks of nice hot days, since the weekend it’s been a bit blah, quite cold for my liking, and a bit wet. But there is a positive side about this shitty weather of ours: this country is so green, but so green that you have to be thankful for all the rain and mild temperatures. Better this than burned grass and dried leaves everywhere.

Since last summer, we’ve been trying to make our garden a nice place to look at and, weather permitting, stay in. It all started by replacing the lawn with artificial grass – the best thing we’ve done in this house. Back then, we added a few plants to the new border and more recently, we added a bunch more all around. It is still work in progress and it won’t be just as we like until the next year or so, but that’s the beauty of a garden, isn’t it? Watch it grow and transform…

For those unsure whether having kids or not, I suggest trying gardening. Looking after plants is the perfect metaphore for raising children. You have to look after them, wet them, remove the weed, feed them, protect them from heat and cold and bugs. It has to be a daily job, if you miss one day, your plant might die. But when a flower blooms, it is the joy of your life – it’s like seeing your child growing and developing. 

I confess that I have very little patience and talent to look after plants. I can water them, remove a weed here or there, but that’s it. Don’t ask me to replant flowers every year, or to deal with slugs, or to look after plants in winter, because I won’t (and neither will hubby). So we’ve chosen all year round plants and got ones that require little maintenance. One thing I am quite excited about, though, and I know I’ll have to dedicate some time to it, is growing veggies and herbs. We already have fruits at the back – well, two apple trees and a few strawberry plants. A few days ago we planted mint, thyme, sage, parsley, basil, chilli pepper, rocket, watercress, spinach and cauliflower and some of them are already growing. If all goes well, at least I will have another hobby for when I retire and I don’t need to have the third and forth kids. haha

Here are some photos of the plants a couple of days ago. I’ll update this in a few days or weeks.

















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