On track


Not that I had any doubts, but Beatrice is doing very well for her age. Last week we went to the 8 to 12 months check up (*) with the health visitor and she passed with 10 out of 10!

My petit is around the 25th centile, not only in terms of weight, which is what we have been tracking until now, but also height and head circumference, both following this line. Very proportional.

The test checks her ability to grab small things using her thumb and pointer finger and to pass an object from one hand to the other, if she shakes a rattle, if she claps, is saying da-da-da, ma-ma-ma and other sounds. Her eyes were checked and they are fine and so is her hearing.

Apparently it is quite normal not to have teeth at this age, as this didn’t seem to bother the health visitor. And she was impressed that Beatrice is walking (she is quite a confident walker now, spending more time on her feet than crawling), but I know lots of babies that walked before their first birthday.

On another note, we are all delighted with the cute things she does and learns every day. Also last week she was imitating us sneezing. And because it was so cute, we kept faking sneezes and she kept imitating us. And laughing hard at the whole thing. My mum also showed her how to cover her hands with cups (as in plastic toy cups). She was so excited about the novelty! She would hold her hands up high, each with a cup covering it, and laugh in excitement! I had forgotten how simple things can be so much fun for babies.

(*) In the UK, it is common to have health check ups at the first 72 hours, 5-8 days, 10-14 days, 6-8 weeks, 8-12 months, 2-2 1/2 years and then at school.








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