Beatrice: 11 months old


Little Bea is not as little as before. She is such a cheeky monkey, so happy and smiley and curious. And a little destroyer. Maybe it’s because Laura didn’t have so many “big kids” toys and it’s harder to break baby toys, but every day Beatrice destroys one of Laura’s toys, way more than Laura used to destroy at this age.

The big news of this last month is that she decided to practice some steps forward and apparently she enjoyed the experience and every day she goes further. Crawling is still the quickest (independent) way to get from A to B, being held is her preferred way (how she loves to be carried…) but walking will soon be part of our lives. She gives about 10 steps before falling and/or giving up. We make such a big deal out of it that even Laura cheers whenever Beatrice gives more than three consecutive steps.

The sisters love grows by the day. All the challenges and issues I find with being a mother of two disappear when I see how happy these two are together, how they can entertain themselves, the kisses and cuddles. Beatrice’s fascination with Laura and Laura’s patience with Beatrice are the two highlights of my life (for now).

Her appetite improved quite a bit. It is super cute to see her chewing, that miniature of a person. She wants to eat everything the we are eating. Sometimes I don’t even bother to cook special meals for her and instead I adapt what we will eat. At least we have been eating more vegetables that usual (and less salt and more homemade food). She loves green beans, peas, cauliflower and broccoli. Eats tomatoes like we eat apples. Not a massive fan of butternut squash and carrots. And she enjoys her sticky rice, just like her mummy. Her favourite are still the fruits though; she loves something really sweet.

No teeth. But she bites and bites hard.

She loves playing peek-a-boo, now she hides her face. She likes pretending she is talking on the phone. She loves all type of music (including noises) and she dances to any rhythm. She loves chasing her sister. She loves riding her sister’s bicycle, despite it being too big for her (her laughter in excitement is contagious).

She absolutely adores having a bath. When she sees the water running, she can hold her excitement and even tries to take her clothes off. She doesn’t stay still and wants to explore the bath tub.

She tried dirt for the first time at a barbecue a couple of weeks ago and she seemed to have enjoyed it as she keeps going for it every time is she in the garden.

Speaking of garden, we have a relatively high slide there and she loves sliding almost on her own – we only hold on hand (for safety purpose) and she can go on and on and on on that thing .

She has a “fake” laugh that seems more like she is mocking on us. Something crazy like a HA-HA-HA.

But her real laugh is just so delicious that as soon as we find something that will make her laugh a lot, we repeat it on and on and on.

She is getting into books. She likes to turn the pages on her on but also likes when we read stories for her. If we stops, she gives the book back, very serious and says “uh”, which I interpret as either “uh, again” or ” uh, why did you stop? Carry on”.

We are brain washing teaching her to clap her hands when we sing happy birthday. Although it is not common in the UK to clap while singing happy birthday, it is in Brazil.

She is so nosey and is always putting her hands where she isn’t supposed to and is always getting her fingers stuck somewhere. One of her nails fell off thanks to her locking her fingers in a drawer. Still, she keeps on doing it.

Sleeping… Bad days and awful days. Her day naps are ok-ish though. Two naps of one hour and a half each is more than double than what I used to get with Laura.

Impossible things: to change her nappy (still), to cut her nails, to keep her on the high chair.














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