Beatrice: 10 months


The official date was yesterday, but hey, I’ve been busy playing with her. 😉

So, my little Bea turned 10 months and I want to sit down and cry because my baby is growing too fast. I want her to be 10 months for another 2 years because she is just too cute as a baby. I know that all stages will be cute and fun (and challenging) but I simply adore these baby moments and since she will be the last one (unless a “life changing event happens”, eg we win the Euromillion), I want to prolong the ‘moment’.

She masters the art of standing up. She can stand up and “read a book”, which I find quite impressive.

She has a bit of a temper and can throw tantrums when she doesn’t get what she wants or is too tired. If she is on the floor, she throws herself forward and slams her hands on the floor as hard as she can. It’s quite amusing, but a bit worrying (can you image how the terrible twos will be?). On the other hand, when I imitate her, she giggles.

She got her first serious cold after returning from holidays. Not as bad as her sister, though. Fingers crossed she will be healthier than Laura.

She smiles to everybody but won’t go with everybody. In fact, she is mummy’s baby at the moment and wants her mummy all the time. But if she doesn’t see me for a while, she will stay just fine.

She can walk supported.

She can repeat some simple words like “tau tau” (tchau tchau or ciao ciao), mai (more), Lala (Laura) and (give). Mum, mum, mum is very most common word.

Sometimes she eats, sometimes she doesn’t want to eat, driving her mum crazy (but not as much as Laura did). When she is hungry, she says “yum yum” to any plate of food.

She continues as a petit baby, growing steadily on the 25 percentile. And believe me when I say: I’m very pleased about that.

No sign of teeth yet but she carries on biting me. And she still thinks it’s hilarious when I shout and tell her off.

If pulling hair was an Olympic sport, I would say she is training to bring a gold medal home.

She knows when she is doing something wrong/forbidden as she “runs” towards the forbidden thing (an example? she loves eating shoes so if she sees a shoe lying somewhere, she will crawl as fast as she can to get there before us).

She loves dancing and she loves when we sing and dance with and for her. She laughs and waits for more (sometimes even says “mai”, which is supper cute).

We’ve been practicing “give” and “take” a lot and she loves it – and is learning quite fast, although somethings she won’t give us.

She is such a strong and quick baby. Blink and she will grab or drop something (especially if this thing is your plate of food). Oh, yes, she enjoys anything that is not a real toy. We have all sort of colourful toys everywhere in the house, but she wants a knife, a plate, a DVD box, a show, the remote control, laptop, etc.

She loves playing pick-a-boo and catch with Laura.

She does a funny (as in cute and awkward) thing with her hands and head: she holds her hands together, passes the arms behind her head and then pulls it forward, like she is scratching the back of her head. We can’t figure out why she does it.

Her sleep has improved a tiny bit since we got back and I have a feeling that it isn’t better because of her cold. But I can’t get her to have more than two naps during the day. I so need her to sleep a bit more.

She seems to be a very happy baby, which makes me very happy. Sometimes I look at her and I want to hold her so tight that she becomes part of me again. By the way, she loves being hugged and squeezed.

People find it quite odd how she likes to sit down with one leg forward and the other backwards. Oh, well, if she is comfortable with it…

Her hair is… my fault. I am too lazy to keep brushing it and trying to make it look nice. Hopefully she will have a pretty hair like her sister.


Messy hair, yes, but who cares when there’s this smile?


G’bye now, I’m going


Mum, I don’t want to take another photo.


Catching some sun


So sleepy… but I won’t sleep! Ever!


Not really enjoying all that sun


Not a big fan of pushchairs (or chairs in general)


Learning from the master


Playing together


The way of sitting down is to help pushing upwards


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  1. Chris, como ela é lindinha e como é divertido ler sobre todas essas conquistas. Cada coisa que eles aprendem, é um acontecimento, né? Ah, sabe que a minha pequena senta igual? Eu acho hiper desconfortável, mas quem decide são elas, né? Puxa, seria bom mesmo se o tempo não passasse… Abraço grande, Alê.

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