Removing cobwebs


I don’t read much. I used to, but it was something like this: a whole year without reading a book and then I would start one and then read 10 in a row, then stop again. I love reading, but it’s quite hard for me to focus on a story. After having kids I don’t think i even tried to read a book.

Well, I did. One. I started after my mum left the book with us in London (expecting hubby, an impulse book buyer, to read it). I decided to give it a go and it took me some good 8 months to finish it. The book is good, it was catchy, but life just gives me other priorities (damn you, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WordPress).

The book thief is the book and I finished it yesterday, 4th if February.

(the book, eaten a few times by Beatrice)20x 

My mum have a few books lying around the house and I have a few that I’m planning to read/have a look. Two of them are the new grammar rules of the Portuguese language. I was already living in the UK when the grammar changed and I completely blanked it. I love grammar and I love being able to write things correctly (at least in Portuguese) but I wasn’t using it enough to justify putting it at the top of my priority list (damn you Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Instagram). So, hopefully, I will be able to, at least, have a look at any major changes to our grammar.

I also found the book below lost in a pile of other stuff. Not sure what to expect from it, but since I want to read only books in Portuguese while I’m here, this will be the next in line (starting as of tomorrow as it’s late and after this post I’m going to sleep).


I also need to go back to the habit of reading with/for Laura. She used to ask us to read her stories (she still asks us to tell her stories, which we make up on the spot), but lately she has been too busy with her stuff (damn you Facebook, Twitter, TV). I found two book that I want to read with her. The first one I got from a raffle on a website and it’s about cooking with kids. I haven’t read it yet, so I can’t tell much. The second one was illustrated by my brother, when he was 19 years old. Coming back home always brings memories and treasures…

What about you? What books are you reading now? Any recommendations (only in English and Portuguese, unfortunately; I’m not good in any other languages, unless we are talking about books for kids in Spanish)?





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  1. How cool about your brother’s illustrations, makes it even more special ❤ Can we still find it in shops?

    I am reading Living to Tell the Tale, from Gabriel Garcia Marquez, not sure if you or Mr. W gave me as a present?

    For kids, try to find FLICTS by Ziraldo, is a lovely story!

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