Sweet pies


I had forgotten how Brazilian people love babies and children. I’m shocked with the amount of people that stop to talk to us because of Bea and Laura, some even going to the “extreme” of holding them.

I normally don’t mind; I’m just surprised because my daughters are adorable, cute, smiley and fun but mainly to my eyes. I do remember looking at babies on the street, saying hello, etc, but never stopped what I was doing to play with a kid or changed route because I saw a baby.

And it’s everywhere: restaurants, beach, traffic light, touristic spots… All sort of random people and situation. My kids seem to enjoy the attention as the smile back snd say hello. Beatrice got to the point that she throws herself to people she “likes”, or nudge them. Not to mention the biggest smiles.

As for me, I don’t know much how to behave. The British side tells me it’s lacking a bit of personal space, but I like to see the good in people and rather have my children surrounded by happy loving people than by people that would rather have them with the mute button on.












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  1. Oh!! How wonderful pictures!!! So much happiness!!! People will think you made up all the stress =)
    I know, and aren’t babies more social as well? In here I always find babies a bit “cara fechada” while most Brazilian babies are always so social to everyone! Mum always let them play with strangers, but when they could walk and talk, she started to cut the friendship a bit, worried it could be dangerous and teaching they should be careful with strangers ;D

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