Laura’s snippets


It’s been a while since I last posted some Laurisms, mainly because I forget to write them down.

Here are some of the things I can remember that made us laugh:

We were planning our day during breakfast and we decided to go to Arembepe:
Me: apparently there is a hippie community there
Laura: and maybe there is a hippiepotammus too!

We have had a few incidents where Laura called people “stupid” (our fault), so I was telling her it was a bad word and we shouldn’t call people this name. A few days later Laura and daddy were arguing:
Daddy: no, you cannot have chocolate again!
Laura: you shouldn’t say this to me, it’s a bad word!
Daddy: what?!?
Laura: that I cannot have chocolate! You don’t say this to people!!

Laura’s new thing is starting sentences with “weeeeeell”. Sometimes, “well” is the sentence. For example: “Laura, you cannot have ice scream before lunch”; “weeeeeeeell, but I want to”. Daddy was taking her to the pool, after a day at the beach:
– Laura, we are going to the pool, but you need to have a shower before, ok?
– Weeeeeeeeeell…
(Ok, it’s not as funny as the real thing, but I assure you, it was hilarious)

Laura is a very shy girl when it comes to making friends. We went to a restaurant for dinner and there were some kids playing together. She asked me to go with her and play with them, which I did. She was mute, just looking. After a long time playing, they left. She was very upset, saying that the kids didn’t want to be friends with her. After dinner she went back to play on her own, but then a boy showed up and they played together until it was time for us to go. On the way back, she told me: “mummy, I found a friend! I really liked that boy.”

Conversation at the natural pools:
Laura: mummy, I want one of the thingy that we put on the eye and mouth to swim. 
Me: the mask and the snorkel? Do you want to dive here?
Laura: No, I don’t want to die, I want to see the fish.
Me: dive, Laura, not die.

Me: Laura, what’s your favourite place from holidays at the moment?
Laura: Old Mac Farmer!
Me: Uh?
Laura: Old Mac Farmer had a farm, ia ia Oh
Me: we didn’t go to a farm
Laura: ok, so I like this beach here. But I like Old mac farmer too, it’s so pretty!
(No matter how many times we correct her, she always says old mac farmer)

Laura had a wee in the sea for the first time.
Me: it’s ok to wee in the sea but not in the swimming pool, ok?
Laura: ok… Why?
Me: because the sea takes the wee away, but in the pool it stays there
Laura: ok.
Me: So, there, have a wee
Laura: NO! I have to take my bikini out!
Me: why? Just wee now.
Laura: no, I’m gonna wet my bikini. Take it off!

“Look, mummy, I’m Dora the explorer”

“look, mummy, I can whistle ‘oooo ooo ooo'”20140123-222300.jpg

Sun glasses chosen by her (who else?)20140123-222338.jpg


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