Holidays – part 1


And we are here in Salvador, ending the first part of our holidays. Tomorrow we are driving to Praia do Forte, somethig like 70km north of Salvador.

Yes, I always have the hope we wil do loads during our holidays, spend 12 hours in the beach, walk everywhere, etc. Truth is: I love the sun and summer but I can’t stand high temperatures without air con on. The reason why I don’t complain about the British summer is because it will never get as hot as summer in Brazil. Salvador is cooler than Rio and yet temperatures here are between 30 and 40C. Yes, I’m feeling sick. And the biggest failure is having a husband that doesn’t like air con. I can’t even breath here.

Anyway, back to doing loads. We are limiting our days to ONE thing and that’s all. Pelourinho one day, just an hour. The zoo on the other, for a couple of hours. And it has proven too much for the girls. And us.

In terms of food, the idea of eating less because of the heat doesn’t work for me, especially if the room has air con. We are not having dinner, though.
With jet lag, tiredness and strict bedtime routine, by 6-7pm every one is in bed. And by 5-5:30am every one is awake.

Today we had a really awful event at our hotel, which only shows that we have to be all eyes and ears in our children. A 5 years old child drowned in the pool of the hotel. I don’t know the full details and I don’t think it matters now, but the thought of it made me want to cry. We were going to have lunch by the pool, we noticed the ambulances on our way there, then everybody looking at the pool, then the pool emptier than normal. A member of the staff told us that they didn’t have conditions to serve any food, everybody was in shock. It was shocking. It is still. It just take two seconds for a child to drown. Laura lost her balance a couple of times in the baby pool (it’s really shallow) and we had to help her to her feet. What if we were there? Or that quick? We were even saying that it looked like she was swimming, not drowing. We are never just one of us with the two of them. About the boy, we don’t know how he is – I was told that the paramedics were trying to revive him for over an hour and they managed to, before taking him to the hospital. I’m praying that he will be well.

To end the post on a positive note, some few photos (i’m not using the mobile that much, so not that many to share).









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