And Happy 2014!


Now my year has officially started. The last 10 days I was in limbo were quite hectic and not super duper.

I’m writing this in the plane, on our way to Rio. Laura is watching whatever on TV and Bea is driving daddy crazy. The flight was meant to take off at 12:20pm, which overlaps with her second nap. Of course she is fighting with all her strength NOT to sleep, too much to see, too much to do, lots of people around to annoy. Sleep isn’t as fun. But the poor thingy is so so tired that it’s heartbreaken.

I cannot complain, though. Despite being quite tiring to be awake, I haven’t had any problems with the two. They played, they ate, they watched TV, but very little tears (and all from Bea’s side and all because she was tired). Bea was all smile to people around her, giggling at any and all display of sympathy from others.

We had a little play area next to our seats and stayed most of the time (turbulance permitting) playing on the floor. Luckily, after several hours trying, Bea gave in and slept. It’s 20:45 UK time and she had an one hour nap when lunch was served and went to “bed” around 20h, just one hour behind her normal time. I won’t be surprised if she wakes up several times, though, as her chair is quite uncomfortable and the lights are on.

As for me, I am tired, couldn’t watch a film or finish my book, but I’m pretty pleased with how smooth the flight is going. And so happy that my little trouble maker, Laura, is behaving so well. She has been asking why we are on the plane for so long, why the plane is not going, how many sleeps ’til Brazil, but not moaning about it.

Three more hours to go. Let’s hope they are as good as the previous 8 hours.


Bea woke up after dinner and didn’t go back to sleep until now, midnight local time (2am UK time). Laura had a two hour nap and now doesnt want to sleep. Great!

All good, though. We are ready for some more tomorrow. 🙂


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