Beatrice’s first word


Mama. 😀

I’m doomed! She will now figure out that I’ll do anything if she calls “mama” with a crying voice and I’ll be her slave.

She’s been saying mama and mummy for a week or two now and I’m still not 100% sure she means it. But I notice tht she says it when she needs “rescuing” or a cuddle or milk. So, it has to be mum, right?

Babies have this thing of immitating sounds and parents have this thing of swearing their babies are talking – then they get frustrated that the babies stop saying the words out of the blue. Laura was like that. Beatrice is like that. Besides mama/mummy, we also heard daddy and “Laula”. We ALL heard, not just me, ok?

I cannot imagine how this house will be if Bea talks as much as Laura…




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  1. I just want to warn you that I have an example at home of a second daughter being way more talkative than the first one! Lol So, be prepared! (Even more since she’s an early starter!)
    And try to record these sounds she makes, you’ll miss them soon! I guarantee!

    • Oh dear! Not sure if you know the story of not putting babies in front of the mirror otherwise they don’t talk? Some sort of superstition from older people… Anyhoo, I show Bea to her reflexion on the mirror every day. Hehehe Bea is a pain with cameras, she stops whatever she is doing and stares quietly. I need to find ways o record while she is not looking.

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