‘Tis a season to be jolly…


And it’s Christmas… Again! Geez, it feels like yesterday that we were celebrating Xmas.

Our local Mall has a very bizarre (in my opinion) poster in their car park. It says It’s the season to be jolly… Generous”. It’s an ad for a shopping mall. Trying to make you spend money and buy presents. And associating generosity with giving presents. Dude, want to be generous? Give your time to people.
And a smile. Your most precious assets. Come and help me paint the walls of the comservatory and I’ll make you lunch and we can chat and laugh. There. We both being generous.

Don’t worry, the conservatory is painted, lucky you. But you get my point, right? Yes, giving presents is nice, helps the economy, but it doesn’t mean that you are not generous if you don’t give presents to people, especially lots of presents.

We are going “light” this Xmas, not because we decided to go against capitalism or whatever, but because we have enough and really don’t need any more in the house. Soon we will need to adopt the policy of “to get something in, something else will get out”. Well, I would love to be giving things away if I had the time to spare on selecting and giving them away. And I’m alone in my quest here – hubby is against throwing even rubbish out!

Back to Christmas. Laura is very excited about it. And we are excited about her excitment. The only thing Might not work that well is putting them to bed with all this excitment in the air. Sleeping is something that we don’t hear and see much in our house, so I won’t be surprised if little ones decide to wait for Father Xmas all night long.

I still need to wrap Laura’s present – if this is even possible – but we are figuring out what we will do about it. I mean, how Santa will bring it to her.

And once again i didn’t have time – and maybe nor will – to write Xmas cards, get little gifts to the teachers and neighbours, bla di bla. Honestly, the little time I had to spare, I had other things to do (like paint a conservatory? Feed the family? Do the laundry?) and thankgoodness this seems to be the mentality of the majority of the people here (except for the cards). So, it’s something like “I don’t give you anything, you give me nothing and everyone is happy”. Deal?

Not even a good light to take photo of the girls for a ecard, people. Can I pretend I don’t celebrate Xmas then? 😉

It just happened too fast.

One thing I want to try to have this year though is my list of things I want to do next year. It’s such a waste of time but I can’t help it: I love lists!

I should start with a list of things I want to do before the end of the year. 🙂


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  1. Aqui em casa também não vamos dar altos presentes! Colocamos um limite de 30 libras e que seja consumível (?) tipo vinho, chocolate, etc ou voucher pra aulas, exibições, etc. Fiquei super feliz com essa decisão, porque realmente não precisamos de nada e ainda temos os presentes do casamento pra comprar! 🙂 Espero que o resto da família dele se toque de que essa é realmente a nossa decisão e não fique dando stocking fillers (que sinceramente, acho um desperdício!).
    Beijos Chris!! 🙂

  2. I think if that’s what they meant for the poster? Did they have a picture with it? It would have been nice if they were promoting other types of generosity though!
    We also set the limit here and presents weren’t as many or big as it used to be, kinda all very practical as well.
    Waiting on the follow up post about the pressies and how the wait for Santa went 🙂

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