Beatrice: 7 months


I am so behind with the posts I want to write… so Beatrice turned 7 months last 10th December (already!!!). Not too long to turn 8 months and this post is still sitting in the draft box. I wrote it ages ago, but I was trying to find some time to get the pictures from the camera (I don’t have any decent/recent on my mobile).

Beatrice is a very smiley baby and her laughter is contagious. She laughs even when she is exhausted. She loves playing pick-a-boo and loves even more when I play pick-a-boo with my hair. She loves when I shake my hair in front of my face and then remove the hair and say “boo”.

She loves back massage. Sometimes. Not so much other body parts massage.

She is a very curious baby, she wants to touch everything, she puts everything in her mouth. But she also likes adult stuff (remotes, shoes, books) more than baby toys. For Xmas she will get an old pair of slippers and an empty box.

She masters the art of crawling and is very quick – I have to keep both eyes on her 24 hours (even sleeping, she stands up in her cot!). No more sleeping in our bed, because once I caught her standing up next to the edge of the bed, trying to get Mr. C inhaler. She stands up easily on her own and if we hold her hands (or just give our fingers for her to hold) she tries to walk. I find it scary. Despite being quite good at crawling and standing up, it seems that her body is not as fast as she would have hoped to and sometimes she stumbles and falls on her back or face.

On the 16th of December, she climbed a little step for the first time. Well, sort of. She managed to go up, on her tummy, and hang on it with no feet of the ground; and got stuck.

When she stands up, she screams in excitement. When there’s no one near, she cries for help as she can’t get out of this position. She has been practicing though (bend and put her hand on the floor).

She doesn’t like to stand still – Laura’s door bouncer, which was used a lot by the big sis, is one of Bea’s biggest enemies. We put her there to be able to do stuff like preparing Laura’s breakfast, opening the door to the mail man or whatever delivery, to eat, to clear the room from any hazard. She might stay for 5 minutes but after that is a lot of tears for sure. Her swing is even worse – she doesn’t stay for 30 seconds. Same for her cot if she is awake.

On 16th Dec, she started bouncing on it. I tried to encourage her but she only stays there for no more than 5 minutes.

She was very curious with food in the first week of weaning, then lost a bit of interest, got all excited with baby-led-weaning and now she is eager to eat everything we eat. As well as the baby friendly food she has tried (sweet potato, butternut squash, carrot, potato, cauliflower, broccoli, banana, apple, pear, blueberries, mango, papaya), she also tried some more “exotic” food, like red pepper (as part of a veggie puree – and she hated it), rice and beans, cheese, pasta, bread and chicken. She is at the stage that she screams when we are eating because she wants food as well and opens her mouth the each spoon full we offer and screams for more (as long as she likes the taste, of course). It is so super duper cute to see her “chewing” the food. And it’s so exciting to see how much she enjoys the whole experience. On the other hand, I think her stomach and bowel aren’t that happy with all this experience and I dare say her sleep got even worse than before (if this is possible) because of colics and winds.

No sign of teeth, despite all the chewing and biting. Oh, and she bites my nipples like she means it. And it hurts.

She sticks her tongue out and move it side to side and it’s the cutest thing ever.

She’s been clapping her hands since 1st December. And the other day I was clapping my hands in front of her and stopped. She grabbed my hands and clapped them for me. Awwwnnnnn.

I think she is suffering from separation anxiety. 😦

She has this “annoying” habit of arching her back and throwing herself backwards when she is happy, excited or similar. Annoying because it is unexpected and if we are not holding her firmly, she can really fall backwards.

Laura is becoming one of her favourite toys. When we pick Laura up at the nursery, Bea starts screaming in excitement from the distance. And of course, Laura loves Bea to bits too.

Bath time is one of the best moments of the day. Changing nappies and dressing her up are the worst.

She has the best day naps when I sleep with her – 1h30 minimum, but she got to nearly 3 hours the other day. And no, her night sleep doesn’t change much if she sleeps a lot during the day. In fact, when she doesn’t sleep well during the day, she gets so grumpy that it is a bit hard to put her to sleep at night and she still wakes up a million times during the night.

She didn’t lose her hair completely as Laura did, but she doesn’t have as much hair as Laura had at the same age.

Last time I weighed her (6 months, 2 weeks?), she was around 6.5kg, which puts her in between the 9th and 25th percentile (Laura was close to 50th).



Pink polar bear

Pink polar bear

Little tongue

Little tongue

Look, with only one hand!

Look, with only one hand!

Mummy's eyes

Mummy’s eyes

Nhac! (the only photo with the right focus point)

Quick, a photo before she starts crying...

Quick, a photo before she starts crying… (Santa is a girl, by the way)

... and it's too late

… and it’s too late


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  1. Awn, great to see these updates with so many things!! Love that she giggles instead of crying when she is tired. Will we have to shut the living room door to stop her wondering Saturday? ;D

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