Random thoughts


This post was written several evenings ago but then Laura got ill, I got busy and I forgot about it.

It’s that time of the year again. December comes with a bunch of Christmas drinks and parties, which can be fun for some, but not for those who have to deal with bedtime routine of two on their own.

Hubby went to some Xmas drinks. He has at least 3 this month: drinks with current colleagues, company’s party, and drinks with ex-colleagues, because networking is everything (never mind friendship).

Of course that I panicked on the first evening, otherwise it wouldn’t be me. I held my breath and tip-toed around the house, ready to start crying with Bea when (because IF is never an alternative; she ALWAYS will) she wakes up. She did wake up a couple of time, the first being 5 minutes after I put her down in her cot, fast asleep. The reason? Her leg got caught in between the cot bars. How awful is that?! And those cot bumpers are not recommended at all because, amongst other reasons, babies can get tangled in them. We can’t win, can we? Should I leave her sleeping in our bed until she is 20? By the way, of course Laura is sleeping in my bed. Who cares about her new bed anyway? She doesn’t like being on her own, simple as that.

By the way, if I had to describe these first days of new bed for Laura and new cot for Bea in one word it would be: fiasco. Nopes, it didn’t run as smoothly, beautifully and peacefully as I secretly hoped. Yes, we continue with sleepless nights, middle of the night visitors (who? Who?) and lots of cries and some tantrums. But we have to be strong and carry on with the plan (despite ruining it altogether when we go on holidays).

Another hope is that if I write on here, things might happen the opposite way. Because it seems like this is the way things work. Remember the post about teaching Bea to sleep and not to use the dummy? From the following day, everything went back to “normal” (and “normal” NOT being “right”, I must stress): only sleeping with her dummy and getting very annoyed with the massage and not sleeping that easily (unless you consider “easy” one to two hours rocking the baby). Another example was a post I saved as a draft to finish the following day and post it. I mentioned that Laura went the whole month of November without a single bed wettig incident. She had on in the beginning of September, another at the end of October and none in November – I wrote the post on the evening of the 29th November, and guess what? On that very same night, she wetted the bed. Oh dear, I need to remember to take some waterproof sheets to Brazil. And stop writing about these little achievements.

And due to the nature of this post (randomness), some photos:


We got this globe as a Xmas gift; cool, eh? Laura asked me one night: “mummy, can you show me where buni lives?” and pointed at the globe. I showed her where Romania is in the map, then the UK, then Brazil. When Mr. C got home, I’ve asked if he told Laura what a globe was. He didn’t.


I’ve learned how to make Xmas crackers. It’s very easy and an interesting thing to do with kids (I haven’t tried it with Laura though). I’m hoping to find some time to show you how.Β 


This one is made of white card paper and Christmas napkins. πŸ™‚


I was being attacked by Bea when I realised that their bedroom has the Brazilian flag colours all over. It wasn’t on purpose, but I guess deep inside the combination reminds me of sunny days and I like to bring some sunshine to the house. And green became officially my favourite colour in the past years.


It was still work in progress when I took this photo, but now it’s done, just waiting for me to find some time and paint it. More photos in a near future.


Laura got a letter from Santa. πŸ™‚


Little detail showing that Santa really knows everything. πŸ˜‰



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  1. Ok, first of all, next time Mr. C goes out, just give me a shout and I can go stay with you and help with the girls =) Seriously!
    Second of all, you are becoming quite the andrea turner eh? First the boxes, now the crackers?? Amaziiing!

    Really like the conservatory, thought was going to be bigger!! =D

    • I’m in love with (certain) arts and crafts. I didnt enjoy the stitching that much, maybe I should practice more.

      The conservatory is quite small, the maximum size we can build without having to get planning permission (3m x 3m), so just a small playroom really. But it’s so perfect in winter (gets really warm with the heating on and gets so much light) that if i win the lottery, I’ll increase the size.

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