Surviving another week


Not sure what has happened this week but Beatrice and Laura had the worst nights of sleep ever. Mostly Bea’s fault, I dare say, as she was the one waking Laura up, who, in return, either went to our bed and didn’t let us sleep properly or decided she wanted to play downstairs and one of us had to go with us – at 2 in the morning.

Our house is like a pressure cook at the moment, ready to explode. No one sleeps, the kids are exhausted (Beatrice seems to have a malfunction though as she is not sleeping well at night or during the day and still won’t be quiet the whole day), the parents are exhausted and the mother is grumpy, in a constant bad mood and not smiling to anybody, including her daughters.

Before we go down to more dramatic solutions, like me running away, Mr. C working night shifts, sending the kids on a one way tickets to grandparents sleep training Beatrice, we will try to put Bea in her own bed. And Laura got an upgrade as well. The new bed arrived today and instead of napping while Bea was sleeping, I decided to assemble it. All done in a couple of hours, but then – surprise! – the bed is huge and took half of the bedroom! Yikes! Typical me to buy furniture without really checking if the will fit. Anyhoo, I moved a few things around, will get rid of other few things and I think it will all be ok. No space to move around or play, but, hey, bedroom is for sleeping, eh?

I bet tomorrow I won’t be able to wave goodbye as my whole body will be aching – I guess it was the exercise of the week that I missed.

Below are some photos of the before and after, playing with positions, and Laura having fun in her new bed (bedtime was two hours late today and she took her time to fall asleep). Oh, and I had to show Bea’s new trick: stand up in the cot. But she is quite wobbly and sometimes falls on her back, with her head very close to the grid of the cot – scary!

P.S.: the house was so cold today that Bea’s nose is blocked! Yes, she caught a cold in the house, maybe because I wrap her very well when we go out, but I didn’t realise I had to dress her with several layers indoors too. Winter sucks. Conclusion: no sleep for us again.








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