Pepper in the others’ eye…


Laura got an Emilia doll from my cousin/Godmother when she came to visit us a couple of months ago.

For those not familiar with Sitio do Pica Pau Amarelo, Emilia is one the characters of these very popular series of story books for kids, first published in 1920. From books, it became a live action TV show, comics, and TV animation and, of course, is has an enormous amount of merchandising behind it – including the doll Laura got.

Emilia is a talking rag doll, who started talking after taking a magic pill. And she talks non-stop, reminds me of Laura, who won’t be quiet for a minute. So, the toy basically does the same. It has a sensor that allows it to stop talking when there is noise near it and resume talking when the noise stops; it’s meant to mirror a dialogue.

Laura was playing with the doll, singing with her, but then she wanted to tell me something that happened at the nursery. But the doll wouldn’t shut up. I could see that Laura was getting annoyed with it, looking at the doll with the “excuse me, I’m talking” face and puffing in anger. She even shushed the doll.

I so wanted to say “Now you know how WE feel when YOU talk non-stop”. But I thought it was best to be quiet and enjoy the scene. 😉


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