Beatrice’s weaning: first week


We introduced food to Bea on the Sunday she turned 6 months old. This post is for my future reference, as I’m really bad at remembering things like baby’s first/favourite food, 1st tooth, etc.

Sunday: she tried apple and butternut squash. Despite the funny faces and gag reflex, she came back for more.

Monday: banana and potatoes were offered. She pulled faces with the banana but ate, spittig part of it. The potatoes weren’t successful at all, she spat everything. Must try again later on.

Tuesday: the fruit of the day was papaya, very sweet and all the way from Brazil. She seemed to have enjoyed a lot. We didn’t try a vegetable but porridge instead. It was very cute: when she saw the plate, she was so excited and opened her mouth straight away.

Wednesday: no fruits today. She had broccoli and carrot. Broccoli wasn’t a hit, but she enjoyed the carrot, and kept opening her mouth for more.

Thursday: it wasn’t a great day. She tried cauliflower and didn’t seem to like it at all (I don’t blame her). For “dessert” we had mango, from Brazil to our table. It was a tricky one. I cut a big piece and let her chew on it, but mangoes are so slimy that it kept scaping from my hand like a soap. She wasn’t sure about what she needed to do, so I ended up mashing it and spoon feeding her. She was ok, but not sure if she loved it.

Friday: we repeated mango but I don’t remember giving her a vegetable. :/

Saturday: we repeated a few things, like potato, which she enjoyed this time, and banana, also approved. Papaya is also a hit!

Sunday: she tried a strawberry/banana puree (an organic pouch), which she seemed fine with, but I don’t think she liked the facted that it was cold. She also tried sweet potato for the first time and seemed to like.

So there’s more than a week worth of food here. I don’t remember all Laura’s reaction to first solids but i think Bea enjoyed the experience more than Laura did. Quantity-wise, she has no more than one or teo teaspoons of food. Not much, but since this is a tasting phase, I don’t think it should be more than that anyway.

Today I roasted and boiled some random vegetables (courgette, sweet potato, potato, butternut squash, onion, pepper, carrots, tomatoes), pureed them as different combinations (potato + onion + butternut squash, sweet potato + courgette) and freezed them in little pots. The idea is to give them as “ready meals” or add few bits and bobs (broccoli, cauliflower, peas) to it.

Eventually we will introduce meat (chicken, fish, beef), but I want to a week or two, until she is completely into her veggies. Books/nutricionists also recommend cheeses and yogurts, but i will also wait a few weeks. The recommended cheese is cheddar, which can be a but salty. I might start with cottage cheese. On the yogurt side, it’s plain full fat yogurt. I think hard boiled egg can also be introduced soon.

I forgot how much work it can be to feed a young baby. I remember when Laura was around 10 months old, I was eating her food as I didn’t want to cook several meals. life becomes much easier when they turn one and can eat “everything” we eat.


Mini portions of butternut squash and other stuff ready to go to the freezer


Sweet potato and whatever. Why does baby food have always to be a orange?!

Nom nom nom

Nom nom nom


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