Beatrice: 6 months old


Bea is sleeping. She is on her knees and hands, moving back and forth. Eyes closed. She put her head down, but the bum is still up. She babbles: “ey, dla, dla, dla. Ba. Ey. Pllluuurrrrt (blowing raspberries)” Eyes still closed. Up again on her knees and hands and tries to move. She is agitated, seems desperate to relax and sleep, but she can’t.

The above happened last night, but it is becoming more frequent in the past weeks.

Baby Bea is turning 6 months old today. Exciting times!!

* She is so close to crawling. Maybe if I had let her practice this pass week, she would be now. This afternoon she was nearly there, but she was so tired that we had to cut the training session short. I am excited for her, but still feel it’s too early (for me)

* She sits on her own but she is still a bit wobbly and now and then falls on her face

* She can hold herself up (standing up) for a few seconds

* She is smiling a lot, mainly for me, daddy and Laura. She isn’t yet a huge massive fan of her big sister, but gets excited when she sees her and when Laura plays with her. Laura, on the other hand, loves her baby sister to bits, more and more

* Her vocabulary so far (and as far as I can remember): da, dadada, dla, dla dla dla, ba, bababa, bla, dey dey dey, tey tey tey, tla, tatata, bu, bué

* She is such a curious baby. So curious that her tiredness goes away when she has lots to see around. Last Tuesday was a classic example: she only had a nap from 9 to 9:30 am and didn’t sleep at all until 7pm, only because I had a busy day and had to drag her around several places. But she only complained around 5pm

* She is not a very friendly baby when it comes to strangers. She stares and pays a lot of attention to them, sometimes can even give a little smile, as long as she is not with them and facing me. If I’m in the same room and she is with somebody else, she is sure to cry and look at me “begging” to get her. If I’m not in the same room and she can’t hear my voice, she does fine

* I don’t think she will ever get used to the car seat, to my despair

* She loves her bath time even more, now that she can sit in the bath tub and play with Laura’s toys. It’s a shame that usually she is exhausted and the only thing she really likes is her bath, so the massage bit is normally cut short by her cries

* It’s impossible to change her nappy without a fight

* And she is a fighter. With her nails uncut, she is a fighter with claws. Sometimes it’s hard to believe she is just a cute, sweet, cuddly baby, especially when I have my face all scratched

* Nothing changed on the sleeping front – not on a positive way, at least

* She bites. She doesn’t have teeth but her bites hurt like hell. I promise that if she continues biting like that when she has teeth, I will stop breastfeeding her. Not just out of pain, but because my nipples will be gone.

* She seems like she is teething – bites and chews absolutely everything – but there’s so sign of a tooth coming

* No idea of her height and weight as I haven’t weighed her for a while (two months?). She seems fine to me (compact, lean baby), so I don’t care what her weight is

* We started giving her food today. If there is something I am more relaxed about is weaning. I was so stressed with Laura in the beginning, but I know what to expect now. So we will take it very easy in the next month or two, just giving her tiny bits of fruits and vegetables to play with and try and introducing proper meals slowly. Today the menu was apple (she liked it, she didn’t like it) and butternut squash (she liked, then she got tired of it). Sweet food not to shock her taste buds.

And the photos:

Sisters watching a film together

Sisters watching a film together

The film? Rio!! I managed to get Laura very interested and she has seen it twice (as asked for a third one)

The film? Rio!! I managed to get Laura very interested and she has seen it twice (as asked for a third one)

"Muuuuuuuuuuum, can you help me? Pretty please?"

“Muuuuuuuuuuum, can you help me? Pretty please?”

6 months old - got some festive socks as a gift

6 months old – got some festive socks as a gift

Laura feeding Bea

Laura feeding Bea


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  1. Chris! Laura looks so much like daddy and Bea like you! I couldn’t tell when you had just Laura, but comparing them both… And they are both soooo cute! Adorable girls!
    Also, you are now “out of the woods”, I really think things will be better from now on, in sleeping terms, at least. She’ll find her pace with food and get a lot more tired once she starts to crawl. Watch for Laura’s jealousy, Lia’s gotten worse from Marina’s 7th or 8th month, just when Marina started being really funny (and she still is, which drives Lia crazy)!

    • Funny that you say that, because everybody says that they both look like daddy! >:-( I also think that Bea looks a bit like me, but I’m the worst when it comes to finding similarities, except when they are too obvious to miss.

  2. I am also so impressed how this gone so fast! And she is such a great baby! No problems with Madrinha e Padrinho though, always lots of smiles and not a care in the world for us to carry and play with her. But I suppose we don’t count as strangers, hehe. Is lovely to see the sisters together, you’re doing a great job hon. Happy mesaniversario goddaughter! xxx

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