Sleeping problems – same old


Last weekend the clocks went back and we are now back to GMT. The days are shorter, still very dark by 7am and it gets dark around 4pm. You would think that it is better to put the kids to bed, right? Well, not sure about yours, but my kids’ sleeping patterns are bit of a mess. I guess they came little defective from factory.

Poor Beatrice is very sleepy around 5pm. But it isn’t a “30 minute nap” kind of tired, it’s a “I’m going to sleep until tomorrow” sleepy. What do you do with a sleepy baby? Tortured her until it is 7pm, her real bedtime?! I managed to stretch her bedtime routine until 6pm, 6.30pm is I’m VERY lucky. And of course she is awake by 5am. But she will wake up at 5am even if she sleeps at 7pm. She continues to wake up every two hours to have milk.

Miss Laura is great to put to bed. Since I started picking her up at the nursery earlier, she hasn’t caused much problems to have a bath and I have been starting her bedtime routine on my own (I used to wait for hubby and he would deal with Laura, while I sorted Bea out), so by 7pm she was in bed, fast asleep. But in the last days, she has been going to sleep around 8pm. It’s always an excuse: she is thirsty, she is hungry, she needs a wee, she wants a different story… at least, my plan with the gro clock seems to be working slowly. Laura was also waking up at 5am, which is not cool. The gro clock was set for 7am, but she wouldn’t take that. So I started setting the clock to 5:15, then 5:30, then 5:45… we are now at 6am, and she woke up at 6:15am on Sunday. She comes to my bed all excited to tell me that the sun was shining and it was time to wake up. I can’t wait to get the clock set to 7am and she actually stays in bed until then.

Wish me luck as I’m not sure how long I’ll last.


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  1. Poor thing! I’m so so so sorry for you! I know how difficult it is with a baby and an older child! Have you tried “nana, nenê”? This book really helped me out, not at first, though. I, luckly, have no trouble with my girls, although I’d rather them going to sleep by themselves (I still have to read them stories and wait till they are asleep to leave their room). But they sleep from 9 to 8, or something like that!
    One thing I’ve learned was to let Marina cry in the crib for almost 3 nights. It sounds terrible, but it really worked! After that she NEVER woke up in the middle of the night again. Ok, maybe never is too strong, but she won’t wake up more than once every two weeks, and I mean it! It didn’t work with Lia though, she gets up once, at least, to pee. But goes back to sleep in a minute. Good luck!

    • I tried the “controlled crying” technic with Laura and it didn’t work, after more than a week… then I read that it can cause some psychological problems, sense of abandonment, etc etc etc, and I have already too many psychological problems myself to risk having disturbed children. haha Seriously, I freaked out doing that with Laura, I don’t think I can try it again. On top of that, we are also doing (involuntary) attachment parenting with Beatrice and although it can be great for her development and sense of security, not sure it’s very good for the parents. As my father told me “well, you chose to have kids, now deal with the consequences…”. I’m sure by 3 this will be all sorted. 😉

      • I hope Marina was not mentally injured with the cotrolled crying technique! Please, she’s already a candidate for middle child symdrome! Lol
        You sure by 3 years old for Bea or by baby number 3? 🙂

      • She won’t be! I think being and Laura will be mentally injured is I don’t get some proper sleep… Baby 3 is out of the way, at least I completely forget about how hard it is. I met a woman today, mother of 3, who told me that 3 is far more difficult than 2, she put me off completely. Not to mention that a trip to Brazil will be so costly that we would never be able to go anywhere else on holidays. 😦

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