Sleep well, sleep lots


Sleep deprivation is not good for your health, but you know that, right?

So, the BBC website published an article with the results of a research showing how much damage one hour less sleep can cause to our bodies. People, I am LAZY for a reason! To sleep is good and helps us not only survive, but live a healthier life. In a nutshell, and a very rough summary, the research says that sleeping less than 7 hours/night can increase the activity of genes associated with diabetes and risk of cancer. And it is not ok to “compensate” later. You have to sleep well every single night.

Read the whole article here.

Our girls are giving us a hard time. When one sleeps through the night, the other will wake up several times. When one sleeps until 7:30am, the other one will wake up at 6am (sometimes 5:45am). Sometimes both wake up several times in the middle of the night and wake up at 6am. On top of that, we go to bed very late, after 11pm. It’s the time we try to catch up on TV, emails, friends and even on us… We are destroyed, and our brains are malfunctioning.

If you, my friend, don’t have kids and have the opportunity to sleep more than 7 hours, do so. It’s good for you. And it isn’t Miss Lazy telling you that.


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  1. Com certeza, eu preciso muito de dormir e sabia disso qdo tive filhos – vi minha cunhada ter 5 filhos e todos dormiam bem desde bem novinhos entao qdo tive os meus segui a mesma formula – Gina Ford!!! O terror de muitas maes foi a minha salvacao!! rs

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