5 months old today, aka where has time gone?!


I’m not ready to replace a newborn with a baby. It seems like Beatrice has grown up in the blink of an eye and I don’t think it’s funny.

On the other hand, she is in between being a tiny motionless baby and an active smiley and funny baby, and this phase is so cute.

She is almost sitting down; in fact, she can sit for a few seconds before she falls on her face or side. It is her favourite position. She doesn’t like to be on her back anymore, unless someone is playing with her all the time.

She likes standing up too. She has been standing up in her bath tub for the last three days; imagine how hard it is to bathe a baby holding her with one hand and washing her with the other.

The days of quiet breastfeeding time are long gone. She gets distracted all the time, with everything. The only time she feeds alright is in the middle of the night, as it’s dark and silent.

Yes, she still has milk at least twice in the middle of the night. At least. And those are the good nights.

She is an early bird, between 6 and 6:30 she is up. By 8am she wants her first nap. She only has 3 naps, 30mins each. At 8, at 10, at 12 or 13h. Then she goes from 13-14h to 19h without a nap and of course she is exhausted! I try (hard) to put her to sleep around 14h or 15h, but I hardly ever succeed. This is the pattern for this week. Next week everything will change.

Overall, people rate her a “calm ad sweet” child. I think she is pretty much it, but because of recent sleep deprivation (3 weeks now?), I rate my children as “trying to drive mummy mad and doing a great job at it”.

She was in a creche three times and she did really well. I’ll tell more on a separate post.

She holds back her smiles and laughter, especially to strangers. She prefers to analyse them, check if they are friendly, funny or give good cuddles and then decides whether they deserve her smiles. If you get a smile from her in the first minute, consider yourself lucky.

Her favourite place is our arms.

Now is official: she deslikes car seat.

She is learning to enjoy her big sister.

She makes cute sounds and mummy goes all “ownnnn”, “ooooo”, “more please”.

Her nails grows too fast and they are sharp and she hurts herself on a daily basis (yes, I do cut them).

She still loves her hands but her feet are her new favourite toy. And it’s so cute to see her playing with them.

It’s hard to change her nappy, it’s difficult to give her a bath. She just won’t stay still. She loves them both though.

She went from 10 poos a day when she was born, to one poo every 10 days, and now she seems to be going back to a more normal pattern. As normal as “one poo one day, two days no poo, the following day 3 poos in one hour” can be.

She is so ready to start trying food. She looks at us eating and opens her mouth, expecting a spoon full of whatever. But it’s still another month until she tried her first veggies and fruits.

She is constantly with her arms stretched, trying to grab everything and anything. If she is in our arms and sees something interesting, she will throw herself towards it to try to catch it.

She loves licking glasses, especially the ones with colourful liquids in it.

She loves sleeping on her tummy and she turns herself in the middle of the night to be in this position.

She is sleeping in our bed for a few months now. She outgrew the moses basket and we don’t have a bed for her yet. I’m also not prepared to put her with Laura in their bedroom. She always rolls over to daddy’s side of the bed and he gets stuck with a tiny space, not being able to move at all. Then he wakes me up to move her to the middle of the bed.

Her big sister loves her to bits. It’s cute to see so much love. On the other hand, she has been extremely naughty, getting worse by the day, but all towards us, the parents. It’s a mixture of new baby on the block (getting too much attention from her mummy and daddy) and the normal behaviour of a 3 year old child. I’m struggling.


My doll is finally bigger than Laura’s. And she is teaching Laura’s dollie how to change channels.


Ssssshhhhh, do NOT wake the baby up. Or I’ll kick your ass.


“Yes, mummy, I am paying attention to what you are saying, yada yada, but I don’t agree with you. Now give me some milk.”


“Yummmm, this foot is so delicious. It tastes like… cheetos”.


“The blurry photo is because I don’t stay still. Why would I? It’s so boring”.


Playdate at a friend’s house = no sleep to Bea = a very grumpy baby = mummy is deaf after all these screams


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