What was the most important decision of your life?


Mine was having children. Before having children, my important decisions were university course, buying a flat, changing jobs, moving to the UK. All important, but nothing like having kids. There is no turning back, no “I don’t want to play anymore”. And it doesn’t get easy, as some might think.

The latest “most important decision of our lives” is deciding a school to Laura. I honestly didn’t think it was that hard. We have a good school near us, got Outstanding in their Ofstead report, has a nice outdoor space, etc. I thought that it was it – that’s the school Laura is going to attend; it was even the reason why we live in our house. But then we went to their Open Morning, a session to parents to get to know the school and decide if they want to apply for a place or not. My heart didn’t beat any stronger; in fact, I was rather disappointed during the visit. Then we had a session with the head master and I think I relaxed a little bit. I think it was the shock between nursery vs school, the number of staff at the nursery vs school, etc. At the school, each classroom has 30 students. And one teacher. It shouldn’t be a problem, right? I mean, the classrooms I were in when I was a kid had more than that and I studied in private schools.

Maybe I’m just not ready to see my little girl taking this (huge) step and growing up. I have one year to get used to the idea.


I’m going to visit another two schools in the area. Then we need to send the application to the council (not the schools) with our 3 preferred schools, in order of preference, and wait to hear back with the school she got a place.

She will attend something called reception, which is for children between 3 and 4 years old (Early Years). Then comes Year 1 and Year 2 (5 to 7 years old). And then there is the Junior school, with years 3, 4, 5 and 6, for children 8 to 11 years old. After that, it’s secondary education and we will have to look for new schools and go through another “most important decision of our lives”.


Being an adult sometimes sucks.


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  1. I won’t even start complaining about schools. I fell like I’ll never find one that accomodate our needs, expectations and budget (if we’re in Brazil we have to think about bugdet as well). I feel as we have to choose on the “least” worse. LOL Are we picky??? In the States I guess it’s like in the US, we have to live near the best schools in order for our childreen to attend it. So far we’re ok, the neighborhood has a brand-new-state-os-the-art school building and very good rated school up to 5th grade. From 6th grade on, not so great. And we don’t even have a High School in the city. But, way too early to worry about that. First things first – and I’m still undecided about daycare!
    The biggest decision I had to make was now, a couple of months ago. Should we sell everything and start over? Or stay as we are, happy and merry? We took the leap of Faith and headed towards our dream! So far so good, but from time to time I wonder if it was the right decision though…

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