Baby item for our trip


One of the worst things about being on maternity leave is that we don’t have time for much but we always find time to shop (online). It’s amazing the amount of things I bought on impulse.

The latest one arrived today but I got it thinking of our trip to Brazil. In January. Why, God, why?

I was looking for a tent to protect Bea and Laura from the sun and found this one, which not only is a tent but also a “bed” with mosquito net. It was perfect, because where my mum lives has more mosquitoes than the whole of Europe. Seriously, first time Laura was there she had about 40 mosquitoes bites on her body and this was on the firt couple of days.

So, although I don’t need this now, I bought it now (holiday mode on) and test it. It seems to be ok, good quality and all but the real test is yet to come. One complaint though: there is no way that the tent fits in the carry bag it comes with. Several tentatives later, already sweating like a pig from the “workout”, I managed to fit it in, but just, and I’m not sure the bag will last long. I think it’s a team effort and still not sure it fits (*).









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