Great weekend with no photos


We had a good weekend, despite my horrid mood and bad weather (some might say the mood is beyond horrid and the weather is not that bad).

On Saturday, Laura was up to going for a ballet class trial and I dare say she enjoyed it. She was shy 90% of the class, but she wasn’t the only one. I was with her all the time, even making the moves Miss I-can’t-remember-her-name was teaching. Some very cute girls, all dressed accordingly (Laura was wearig a Winx dress), seemed to be doing this for quite a while. Let’s hope she will carry on with it – I paid for 3 trial sessions, always on a Saturday morning (yawn).

We then went to a park, per Laura’s request, following what was probably the last barbecue of the year. The place was quite far and in the middle of nowhere. I thought we lived in the middle of nowhere but this is the big city compared to where we went. I admire these people that trade the hectic life of London (or any big city) to a quiet life in the countryside, opting for space (the houses are usually huge with a lot of outdoor space) and “quality” of life. The ” ” here is because this type of quality can be very subjective. I would freak out if I was in the middle of nowhere. Jack Nicholson in The Shining? You call called it Miss Lazy in the country. I don’t like to drive, you see, and to live in such places you HAVE to drive. Or be locked in the house. I drove on the way back, at night, and hubby said “see? It wasn’t too bad”. Internally, I was weeping, praying that nothing bad would happened and had my body – in special my shoulders and neck – contracted.

On Sunday, as per Laura’s request again, we went to London Zoo. Last time I went was in 2010, I was pregnant and it was a work thing. I love Zoos but I find them a bit expensive. I understand it is very expensive to run a Zoo, especially one like London Zoo, where they not only have the actual zoo, but also run researches all over the world. But it’s not every day that you can spend £100 like that. Yes, this is how much a trip to the Zoo can cost. If you go by public transport, you pay for the fare, but we went by car (Sundays usually we have less trains and this particular Sunday there were some works, I heard). We managed to avoid paying for parking, but it can cost £14.50 if you park in the zoo’s car park. Then there is the entrance fee, almost £25 per adult and £16 per child above 3. Then there is the food, our lunch costing £25. And the ice cream… If you can plan your trip in advance, make sure you check promotions (buying online is slightly cheaper; or you can become a member if you fancy going more than 4 times a year) and pack your own lunch. It was worth it as Laura was still excited about the whole thing this morning when I dropped her off at the nursery.

The kids don’t seem to be tired from the weekend but I am. I feel like I have sand in my eyes… Unfortunately Monday is the worst day for being lazy and I have to organise the house after the mess it is on the weekend (“three” children making a mess and one adult to tidy up, not easy).

Not a single photo taken, despite having the camera. I guess that it’s hard to take photos when you are too busy holding a needy baby or encouraging your daughter to dance having fun.


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