Just a quick post so this place doesn’t get cobwebs.

Conversation in the car on the way to the nursery:

Laura: Mum, look, the sun is shining!
Mum: Yes, it’s coming from behind that house
L: Why isn’t the sun up in the sky? Why is it behind the house?
M: Because the sun is slow and it takes hours for it to be up there.(*)
L: When I become the sun, I will be fast and go quickly to the top.

(*) She is too young to be presented to the “earth going round the sun” talk and I’m too lazy to explain it 200 times so she get it. Maybe next year.


So Laura is going through a “when I become a _________” (fill in with whatever subject you’re talking about). It’s kinda funny to see how she thinks she can be everything and anything. Sometimes she comes up with “when I become a baby…” Or “when I become a boy…”.

Another cute thing is when she says “when I grow smaller”. She says this all the time when we are talking about Beatrice.

Thanks to Mr. C, Laura is into Batman and Spiderman. He told her stories of both during bedtime when we were in Romania and now she talks about them all the time. She used to say Badman, instead of Batman though.

Despite her “love” for Batman and Spiderman, she is also into Princesses, Fairies and Mermaids. And cars, trains, Tom and Jerry, dragons, My little pony, Barbie, pirates,… She is pretty much interested in everything except washing her hair and brushing her teeth.

Being the youngest can be very tough, depending on who the eldest is. Laura is like this: we ask “Laura, let’s not talk too loud, so Bea can sleep. Laura goes: AAAAAAAAAHHHHH, LA-LALALALALALALALALALALA. As loud as possible. We say: Laura, you have a cold, don’t get too close to Bea. Laura goes: Bea, give me a kiss. And smack on Bea’s mouth.

Despite that, Laura loves Bea to bits. She talks about her all the time at the nursery and when I pick her up, she wants me to show Bea to all her friends. Yesterday she had an audience of 3 kids, gathered around to see Beatrice and she went saying: “Beatrice is very small. You cannot touch her with your dirty hands. And you cannot beat her, because she is small”. Ok, Laura, you cannot beat ANYBODY.

Beatrice loves kids. She smiles at them and screams in excitement. She smiles and screams to her own reflection. And to the photos of Laura around the house. Funnily enough, she doesn’t always have this behaviour when the real Laura is around. She mainly looks and stares. I wonder why. 😉


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