Beatrice: four months (or 17 weeks) of cuteness


Ou little Beatrice is four months old today!

She is smiling a lot and sometimes giggles.

She loves sleeping in our arms (thanks, grandmothers) and hardly accepts anything other than that (except at bedtime).

Since last week, she has been drinking lots of milk (at least it feels like that). While we were in Romania, she would have between 4 and 5 feeds AT NIGHT! Talk about sore breasts.

Despite having so much milk, she is still a small baby. When she was born, she was near the 9th percentile in the growth chart. Between 4 and 8 weeks she had a weight jump and went to the 50th percentile. Now she is slowly going back to the 9th, until the next growth spurt. She is weighing 5,640kg, no idea how much she measures as, in the baby clinic I go, they don’t measure babies until the 8-12 months check up.

Luckily, when she wakes up for a feed at night, she drinks her milk in 5 minutes and go back to sleep straight away; no messing about.

Her expression when she knows that she is going to have milk is the cutest ever! I don’t mind feeding her 20 times a day just to see that face.

Last week, she decided to roll over and she is finally enjoying staying on her tummy. We were all happy when she turned all by herself and all, but now we are extra cautious at night, as she rolls on to her tummy while sleeping and dig her face in the mattress. Yes, I do have panic attacks with the idea that she might suffocate.

According to the lady at the baby clinic, she is too young to be rolling over. According to my mum, I was rolling over since my 1st month.

She holds her head beautifully and tries to push herself forward when on her tummy (rehearsal of crawling?).

She is now a bad day sleeper. She doesn’t sleep that easily in the car or in the pushchair, unlike Laura at the same age. And as soon as we put her down wherever, she wakes up.

She prefers her fingers to the dummy. Sometimes she sucks her fingers (yes, plural) so hard that it gives her gag reflex. Sometimes she sucks her lips as if she has an imaginary dummy.

She is very energetic with her arms and legs and seems like she is dancing.

She almost sits without support.

One of her type of cries resembles a cat’s meow.

Lots of drooling, hand in mouth, everything in mouth, screams (oh, yes, she found out that she can scream, so she screams, if she is happy, sad, angry, hungry).

Today is her 3rd set of immunisations and tomorrow she will have the BCG injection. Wish us luck!

Say cheese!

Say cheese!


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