Travelling with kids: the experience so far


The experience of travelling with two kids is a bit like a roller coaster, full of up and downs, a lotof adrenaline, fun but also very tiring.

I won’t lie to you and say that it is a fantastic experience, that we are loving it and can’t wait to do it all again. Several times we looked at each other and asked if it was really worth it.

Let me start with a first conclusion: having my in laws with us helped to avoid the experience being a total disaster. I think it would have been too much to handle in this particular trip. It was also good to have some helping hands to give us a chance to learn how it will be in the future, when it will be just us.

Laura, fortunately, has been a great kid after a tough start and is having fun with everything! No, really, everything. We went for a walk near the lake and she found a wooden “stage” and started singing, dancing, pretended she was baking cookies and so on. Even when the adults were tired, she was all smiles. Yes, there is an extra dose of unhealthy food in the mix, but I think it’s part of the holidays. She has been sleeping quite well too, from 20h to 7.

Little Bea is having a tough time. I think she hasn’t been able to sleep that well during the day, so she cries quite a lot. I also think I have been eatinh quite a lot of fat and it is giving her colics. Last night the poor thing had milk five times, when she normally has between 1 and 3. So, although a new baby is easier to handle in trips, Bea feels quite uncomfortable some days.

Mr. C and I are having fun but also very tired. I think our idea of holidays these days is to take some time off and rest, but we don’t really rest. It’s not like we could have a late night and sleep until 10am, walk around, eat when we want, do whatever we want, etc. But we are visiting different places, getting away from the routine back home, etc.

We have a week to go, so let’s see what will be our view after we go on the second part of our trip.

Stopping for some pictures.20130831-203027.jpg

A view to a kill – we drove for several hours and this was the view throughout the whole trip. 20130831-203043.jpg

I don’t know the name in English (or Portuguese) of these rocky formations, but in Romanian is called Chei. This is the Cheile Bicazului – Hasmas National
Park. It must be amazing to go on tracks through the woods and rocks, but we didn’t do any of this. Still beatiful.20130831-203101.jpg


Play area at the restaurant.20130831-203201.jpg

A bit of fun in te car, to help kill time.20130831-203231.jpg

Walking back to our pensiune after a day walking around.20130831-203251.jpg


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